Potential.com develops business entrepreneurial skills

Empower, educate and engage the world around you

At Potential, we've been creating social impact programs since 2005. Our innovative empowerment platform has been used by leading organizations to develop millions globally who in turn are contributing to a more sustainable world. You too can benefit from it to empower, educate, and engage the world around you - be it your users, partners, or community.


Depending on your business and impact priorities, you can deploy the software as a service (SaaS) platform in a modular approach so you only pay for what you need.

Develop your team or community on future job skills, entrepreneurship and innovation by using our ready-to-go platforms.

  • Ready to go in minutes

  • Access your user data

  • 20 essential micro-courses

  • Certificates of completion

Launch your custom empowerment program on next-generation business or next-generation skills.

  • Plug and Play templates

  • Custom website

  • Custom reporting dashboard

  • Custom action plans

Solve sustainability challenges through hackathons, open innovation, and create impact in your community.

  • Ecosystem building tools

  • Mentors & judges platform

  • AI and Gamification engine

  • Impact reporting and more


    An all-in-one solution to educate, empower, and engage

  • Hundreds of ready to go empowerment and sustainability use cases

  • Cloud-hosted infrastructure that expands with your needs

  • Customizable with your own learning content and branding

  • Stakeholder integration to engage your partners and community

  • Launch certifications and make use of monetization options

  • Harness the platform analytics for unique insights into your community

Platform benefits


Potential has built a suite of ready to go sustainable development programs on topics such as diversity and inclusion, socio-economic empowerment, future job skills, and business innovation.

Want to create a sustainable impact in your community while supporting your business objectives? Allow us to share our experience with you.