10 Tactile and Value-Packed Promotional Items 

Using promotional items to build a positive emotional connection between your brand and potential customers is a tried-and-true way to expand your brand. Limited-time stock is items marked with a logo or motto and conveyed at practically zero expense.

Such items, which are frequently casually called promotion items, loot, tchotchkes, or gifts, are utilized in showcasing and deals. They are offered to advance an organization, corporate picture, brand launch, or occasion. They are frequently conveyed as freebees at expos, at meetings, on deals calls, and as extra things in sent orders, and are in many cases utilized in guerrilla advertising efforts.

Limited-time things and gifts are perfect for drawing in new clients, reinforcing business connections, and showing representative appreciation.

When you begin down this path, however, you’re faced with a majorly important choice right away: what gift will my target customers appreciate the most? To help you answer this all-important question, here are ten tactile and value-packed promotional items that you should be considering:


1. Tote Bags

More people are using tote bags and other more relaxed-style bags in 2022 than ever before. While investing in quality backpacks to give out to your customers can become incredibly expensive, investing in a bulk order of tote bags is quite the opposite. You want to provide your customers with the ability to go about their days without being burdened by difficult-to-carry items and products.


2. Plastic Cups

Plastic cups have remained one of the most tried-and-true promotional products out there. If you want the customers you’re targeting to consider your brand’s products and services every time that they use your product, a plastic cup can get the job done. If you invest in a bulk order of promotional plastic cups, you’ll get even more bang for your advertising buck.


3. T-Shirts

Whether your customer is wearing, eating, or using your promotional gift, you want the gift to be attractive enough that they will be happy to use it. Branded t-shirts with solid design work can make the customer eager to wear your brand out in a public space. Every time that they do so, you’ll have a highly-cheap walking billboard of your making out there exposing your brand to thousands of new eyes.


4. Sunglasses

Another surefire hit, sunglasses are easy to buy in bulk without sacrificing quality. While making your brand’s logo immediately visible on a pair of sunglasses can prove tricky, this gift is nearly certain to give plenty of value to your target customers. If you can get the customer feeling appreciative about the free pair of sunglasses you’ve given to them, they’ll be much more likely to use your brand’s products or services.


5. Bottle Openers

A quality bottle opener can cost you a lot more at a store than you might realize. When bought in bulk, however, bottle openers are incredibly affordable (even on a small business’s marketing budget). If your target audience loves to party, or your brand is selling alcoholic beverages, using bottle openers as a free promotional gift is highly recommended.


6. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated and healthy is important. With the rise of popularity in proper hydration practices that’s happened over the last decade, the value of a high-quality water bottle has skyrocketed. If you give this amazing gift to your target audience, they’ll begin thinking of your brand every time they go to get a drink of water. This is an opportunity to connect their health and well-being with a positive emotional connection to your brand.


7. Hats

Hats are a key piece of casual fashion. If you can make your company’s logo look attractive on a hat, you can easily run a hyper-successful promotional marketing campaign. Simply be sure to consider the currently popular styles and colors of hats before buying a large bulk order to give out to loyal (and brand-new) customers. Maybe you’ll even see your items make an appearance on popular social media sites as well!


8. Pens

A solid, reliable pen can be difficult to find. Especially if you don’t want to spend an absurd, nearly ten-dollar amount to buy a new pen, finding a quality writing utensil can become incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, bulk buying solutions are once again a great way to provide your customers with quality that will blow them away.


9. Paperweights

Paperweights are one of the best promotional gifts you can give out to more office-minded customers. Not only are paperweights classy, but they are an essential tool for the well-organized office employee. By adding your brand and contact info to a paperweight, you can make sure that your company is always lurking in the subconscious of the professional customers that you’re targeting.


10. Stress Balls

Lastly, stress balls can provide a much-needed stress release for both working professionals and your everyday person. Stress balls are perhaps one of the most infamous types of promotional gifts out there, and for good reason. If you can provide the gift of stress relief, the customer you’re targeting will be thrilled, making it much more likely that they’ll develop a positive emotional connection to your brand.

Furthermore, as our reality turns out to be immovably established in the computerized space, the requirement for remote items will keep on developing. Everything – from our gatherings to our vacation festivities – is by all accounts online nowadays. Nobody needs to be secured to an outlet while they’re on a video call.


Know Your Audience

Before you decide on what promotional products to use in your upcoming campaigns, you need to do enough research into your audience to ensure that you understand their wants and desires. Once you have this information, you’ll be fully ready to launch a hyper-successful promotional marketing campaign.

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