The 3 C’s to Success – Confidence, Composure & Credibility

The 3 C’s to Success – Confidence, Composure & Credibility


Through all the situations and hardships that you go through at work, how is it possible to maintain your humanness and remain focused on the big picture to achieve success without letting small details distract you?

The answer lies in leading yourself first in all professional and personal relationships and by acquiring a set of skills that will bring out the best version of you. Indeed, to make a difference in your job, you need to possess significant qualifications and unique characteristics like these 3 C’s: confidence, composure, and credibility. Honing these skills helps you stand out in ways of handling difficult people and unpleasant situations. This also helps you in building strong, positive relationships with co-workers and supervisors and, most of all, in achieving success.

The 3 C’s to success are:

  • Confidence

    One of the most attractive skills you can possess is confidence. Knowledge and practical experience will breed a natural level of confidence. However, at times most needed, confidence can weirdly elude you. Whether you are the CEO of the company or just an employee, confidence is of great importance to your output and position. Having confidence will give you the ability to address business and life situations. Examples include making disciplinary decisions, adopting your own style, addressing critical issues with coworkers, etc.


  • Composure

    Or you can say “emotional intelligence”! This built-in power of self-awareness and self-belief enables you to deliver a calm and self-controlled response. The capacity to respond in a composed manner to conflicts or disparaging remarks adds up to your self-respect and professionalism. Lack of composure can lead to unpleasant ramifications and escalation of conflicts. This in turn dents works relations, reputation, and productivity. Learn how to respond to such scenarios with mindfulness in order to keep things under control, maintain respect and harmony and achieve dynamic teamwork.


  • Credibility

    Without credibility, you are a lame duck! This ‘C’ makes the essence of your own success. People around you need to know that you are reliable and capable of attaining the set goals of the team. Credibility is all about consistency in action, i.e. saying what you mean and meaning what you say. One example, when you tell others to “respect deadlines”, do you yourself respect deadlines and deliver your tasks on time? Do you demonstrate this value in your actions and interactions? This is where levels of behavioral trust are built and relationships flourish. Your credibility is the main reason to why people respect you, listen to you or not.  Once lost, credibility can be difficult to regain so treat this very carefully.

Sharpening these three C’s will present you with valuable insight into the techniques for building your employees’ self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, it will raise the companies’ profit by developing top-performance professionals who tackle projects and problems with more energy and enthusiasm. So you’d better keep in mind that values are (in today’s business world) the drivers to success.


Case Studies:

Study case 1: After having issues with communication from some superiors, Grace J., a customer service admin at Muntons Malted Ingredients decided to register a course of communication skills for women. After receiving training on how to use techniques of influence and persuasion to build productive and rewarding relationships with all kinds of people, Grace gained confidence and composure to face these issues.


Study case 2: The German car giant Volkswagen Group has discovered the importance of trust because after the scandal of the scale of diesel emissions cheating emerged. This scandal has shattered consumers trust in Volkswagen’s industry and regulators, and today the company has to recall 8.5 million affected vehicles in the European Union alone. Volkswagen managers are promising to do the right thing over emissions and hoping to shine in two to three years.


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