4 Important Things Employers Look For in a CV

4 Important Things Employers Look For in a CV


If you are looking for a job, standing out from the crowd is essential. You do so by having a well crafted Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume. Knowing what are the important things in a CV is the challenge though. Read along so you know what employers look for when they go through a CV.

There are several sections that the employers look for while reading your CV. Learn the important answers the recruiters need to help you identify mistakes you have done while writing your own resume by watching the below video.


What are the important things in a CV?

Here are the 4 important questions recruiters ask themselves while reading CVs:

  • Has the job seeker used unconvincing, waste of time sentences?

    Avoid clichés. Using same phrases other candidates normally use doesn’t distinguish you from them. Rather focus on what you are really good at.

  • Is this CV particularly unique?

    Tailor your resume specifically for the job you are applying to.

  • How does the specified job seeker stand out from the rest of them?

    Mention your point of differentiation, why you should be chosen and your achievements.

  • Why am I still reading this CV?

    This question when asked by a recruiter means that you have failed to attract his attention as quickly as possible. You have failed to effectively highlight your most important skills and jobs, sufficient for the busy recruiter to call you.

So keep track of the above important things to take into account in your CV to be able to grab the recruiters attention. When you do so, you at least have a good chance of moving on to the second stage of the recruitment process: The Interview!

In conclusion, CV writing is a skill, job seekers are suggested to master in order to shape their path to a bright successful future!

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