5 Leadership Traits of High Potential Employees

leadership traits


Get your employees out of the box; the puppet’s game is over.

Now is the time to empower them so they can empower you and your organization. After all, leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.

Nowadays, as a result of the severe and sometimes frightening times that stroke our economy, the most strategy that supreme successful leaders are following is to give their employees the opportunity to become leaders.

They stimulate every one of their employees to take on leadership roles in their organizations. When you have more than one leader in a company, decisions are made more quickly, in addition, remarkable amounts of time; energy and money can be saved. The basics of the company will be more sustainable against any force majeure or crisis.

Responsibilities and stress are alienated which will result in having a positive and more relaxed atmosphere in the company. As a result, performances are improved and goals are reached.

However, the question is when will you give your employees the opportunity to lead? Actually, the answer is simple: At any time if they meet the following requirements and of course if you are ready to share control.

  • Trustable:

    Do you trust the team you are working with? Do you believe in their skills and their ability to make decisions, as well as to solve problems accurately?

    We should also reverse the question: Does your team trust you to be willing to work hard, delicately and enthusiastically for you for the benefit of the whole organization?

    Though you may need sometimes to be cautious and prudent with your decision-making, our recommendation is to stop short of micromanaging. If you want to be trusted, you have to show that you trust your employees. Make sure everyone identifies the ground rules for decision-making and then you will easily allow your employees to apply their talent, creativity, and initiative.

  • Passionate:

    Are your employees passionate about what they are doing? When employees love what they do, then they have a burning desire to reach and achieve goals.

    Make sure the employees you chose to lead really care about their tasks and what they are doing. People with passion can easily create visions and have the urge to work dedicatedly and constantly in order to bring themselves and their company to a higher level. Trust me, passion for business is contagious!

  • Communicators:

    Communication is today’s business world weapon and it has a great effect on many levels. Good communicating employees have one of the most important keys to close business deals, to connect with the customers and to correspond with other employees.

    They also have the ability to share their ideas clearly. Furthermore, they are better at explaining tasks and how things should be done. When you talk about a good communicator, you talk about a good writer, listener, and speaker.

    So observe carefully whether the employees you chose as leaders are good communicators as those are the ones who can create the homogeneity between you, other employees and the customers.

  • Fighters:

    A business fighter is someone who can bounce back from hardship and preserve through challenging times. Fighters don’t give up, they are ready to go all the way to attain the goals already set.

    They have the ability to overcome any obstacle confidently. This no-quit attitude will have its impact psychologically and mentally on other employees, which will create a dynamic atmosphere in the whole organization. These employees are worth being leaders!

  • Teamwork attitude:

    In other words, no ego and no self-centered attitude. When you notice employees who care about others around them and about the business, you will know that these are the ones to trust taking leadership.

    Nevertheless, employees with a personal ambition and the worry to improve themselves are not bad but it shouldn’t be to the limit that they become a priority while ignoring others.


“You are bigger than your defined role and you are much more than your job title. Play your part and transcend your job title. Be a hero!” Your employees are your company’s best assets. With your help and encouragement, they can be fully engaged to accomplish the demanded tasks collectively and successfully.

One of the most important secrets to an organizational success is to recognize and value your employees. Give them wings to fly and you will be astonished how far they can reach!

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