5 Reasons to Sponsor Training and Development Programs

Sponsor Training and Development Programs


When you sponsor training and development programs, it can be one of the most effective and successful ways of marketing your business. You can reach a targeted, professional group of potential customers.

Sponsoring a development course can also deliver high-quality leads, high-value clients, and one of the best returns you’re likely to achieve for any marketing investment.

Here are a few reasons why you should sponsor training and development programs:


    The people who sign up for and attend our training and development programs share certain qualities and these qualities make them valuable targets for your marketing.

    They are self-motivated and hungry for information and education. They are ambitious, outward-looking and hard-working. In short, they are exactly the type of customers that you want to find – and which you’ve probably already spent a lot of time and effort seeking out.


    The information, coaching, and advice that attendees receive as part of their development program is something that they will value very highly.

    Although the sessions are free to the end user, they have made the effort to seek out this information, sign up and attend their sessions. By associating your brand and message with the valuable education that these programs provide, you can benefit from the strong, positive connotations that are already in the minds of a receptive audience.


    Training and development programs are tailored for specific groups, such as entrepreneurs, young people or women.

    Attendees will naturally sign up to the course that’s most relevant to them. By sponsoring a particular program, you can choose the specific demographic that you want to target. Because you know you’ve already got the attention of your target group, you can spend more effort on your message. Here’s a study from our SME program which highlights the kind of details that could be gathered.


    If you sponsor several development programs – each of which is specific to a different target audience – this can present you with a fantastic and unusual marketing opportunity. Rather than creating one generic message to cater for a wide audience, you can instead tailor and fine-tune lots of different marketing messages to speak to specific demographics.

    Is there something you want to say to your female audience? Have you got a specific message for younger customers? Sponsorship of Potential.com development programs provides an unparalleled way of delivering multiple, highly targeted marketing campaigns directly to the audiences you want to reach.


    Attendees of our live and online training and development programs are primed to receive information, education, and advice. After all, that’s exactly why they are there. There are few other marketing opportunities that can guarantee an attentive, receptive audience who are genuinely hungry for new information and ideas.


In most forms of marketing, too much money and effort are spent on trying to grab the attention of target groups. Many marketing messages don’t succeed because they fail to attract attention, or when they do, the audience doesn’t feel that they’re being spoken to personally.

Sponsoring training and development is the ideal solution to this common marketing problem. It delivers a specific and attentive audience so you can generate more relevant leads, more sales, and more success for your business.

If you are interested to know more about how you can Engage, Empower and/or Educate your community then check our Organisation page.

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