5 Reasons You Need An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to your company’s online media presence, content reigns supreme. Having your own unique content is important for brand awareness and successful marketing campaigns. Just like how Shada Wehbe discussed the importance of a social media strategy for businesses, keeping your content marketing strategy ahead of the curve is equally as critical. More than 22% of the world’s population uses Facebook and there are more than 450 million LinkedIn profiles. These and other social media platforms are a fantastic way to reach more customers. Content marketers use these platforms, among others, to create engaging content, podcasts, and videos to promote their company. According to recent surveys, 71% of content marketers reported that content marketing has grown in significance in the past year.

In fact, 80% of business leaders prefer to get company data through informative content as opposed to ads. Having said that, you can’t just rush into generating content for the sake of content. Devising an effective strategy depends on your target audience’s likes and wants, for example. It will not only make your company more effective and credible but also ensure that your varying content reflects your marketing goals. Furthermore, AI content detection tools can also help you avoid producing low-quality content by identifying potential issues such as plagiarism, grammatical errors, and irrelevant information. This ensures that your content meets high standards and provides value to your audience. With that in mind, let’s have a look at five reasons why an effective content marketing strategy will benefit your business.

The following highlights 5 reasons to have an effective content marketing strategy:

Enables your company to maximize ROI

Content marketing has proven to be highly effective and has allowed smaller companies to compete with much larger ones when attracting customers. A well thought out campaign can be the most effective tool at your disposal in terms of costs to engagement and conversion ratios. Entrepreneur and co-founder of CrazyEgg, Neil Patel explains how content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing. An effectively targeted strategy also generates almost three times as many leads. It, therefore, allows companies to be more productive with less time and money spent on their marketing. With higher productivity and less money spent it will help provide you with a higher ROI in less time. Additionally, using analytics will allow you to find strengths and weaknesses in your content marketing strategy and refine it accordingly.

Creates a memorable brand identity

Trust plays a crucial role when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of consumers. Through content marketing, you can create an exceptional style for your company and build a unique brand personality. It allows you to build trust with your customers by creating and sharing valuable content with your prospects to gain their attention and ultimately their trust. If you can capture their attention and have them relate to your content, in-turn they will relate to your brand. One key to the success of global brands is how they use their own as well as community content to relate to their audience. Companies like Nike consistently share emotional and inspiring stories that global audiences can easily relate to. And with 90% of people making up their minds about a brand after searching about and reading their stories, it’s easy to see how your content is crucial to your brand identity.


Helps with search optimization (SEO)

To befriend search engines, you need effective SEO strategies, and high-quality content is the most effective way to increase organic SEO. Every website needs articles, substance, and keywords, among others, to be successful. So, your website’s SEO is highly dependent on your content marketing. Ecommerce expert Karan Sharma states how fresh content that is unique and creative gets indexed rapidly and ranks higher than low-value, repetitive content. For example, good content adds value and solves a particular issue for your audience. A good content strategy also employs keywords that are imperative for search engine marketing. Keywords closely associated with your company’s business and industry will improve your SEO and your traffic. There is a difference between SEO and CRO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of boosting your website’s rankings in search engines’ organic results. While CRO, or conversion rate optimization, is the process of continuously testing website elements to earn more conversions, leads, and sales for your business. Click here for more information about CRO.


Allows you to effectively target a global audience

Reaching a diverse global audience and localizing your content marketing strategy in a relevant way is critical to your company’s marketing success. Insights Magazine reveals that over 72% of consumers spend most of their time on websites in their own language. They are also more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. A great example of this is Hyatt.com who’s global gateway approach on their website prompts the user to select their country’s language. It then takes them to a site that has similar branding but with imagery and language that’s culturally relevant. It also includes links to locally relevant social media platforms. As such, Hong Kong-based agency Ayima details how modern online marketing campaigns target multiple countries with companies looking to promote their content on local leading platforms. These include platforms like Google, Baidu, and WeChat, for example. Utilizing region relevant language, imagery, and media platforms will, therefore, allow your target audience to better identify with your brand.


Allows you to attract the ideal buyers

Fancy metrics and statistics look good on paper, but if they don’t help you attract the right buyers they don’t mean anything. Content marketing allows you to show off your expertise to the world in creative ways. This means that only those interested in what you have to offer will be reading it. Of these readers, only those genuinely interested in your brand are going to be interested in your website. And of those who make it to your page, only the ones truly captivated by your content and product are going to sign up for your email newsletter and weekly updates. These are ideal leads because they have already made up their minds that they need your product. What this means is that you’ve created a well-targeted content strategy that will help sell your product to a specific ideal buyer. In turn, you’ve made good use of your time, energy and money by creating effective inbound marketing.


Provides your business with repeat customers

One of the most profitable end results of an effective content marketing strategy is that it can provide your business with repeat customers. A report by BIA Kelsey suggests that 61% of small to medium businesses surveyed claim that more than half of their revenues come from repeat customers. Loyal customers then are worth their weight in gold, in fact, up to 10x as much as their first purchase. So, by implementing an effective content marketing strategy and creating value-added content, your status as an expert in your industry inevitably rises. Soon, your target audience will look to you as a source of answers to their problems. Assets like how-to videos or other types of informative visual content will help your customers get more out of your products and services. It will help build trust and encourage more repeat sales.

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