7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt a Social Media Strategy

Do you have a social media strategy in place for your business?

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt a Social Media Strategy


The influx of social media has skyrocketed over the past few years, but many businesses still lack a social media strategy.

The on-going and increasing demand of customers online have confirmed that the reality of social media is not one of fad or trend, but one that is here to stay, permanently. Social media does not only entail a place where people socialize. But has also become one of the preferred places to search for products and services.

Being present on social media platforms is an indispensable form of marketing and not one to be ignored. So it is essential to have a social media strategy.

Having a social media strategy provides vast benefits since it; increases exposure and traffic generate leads, reduces marketing expenses, improves your online search ranking, grows your customer base and develops loyal fans.

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By learning where your audience is, on which platforms they are active and what platforms they are searching on are fundamental in identifying how to further grow your business. Keep in mind that many users may be members of social media platforms, however, are not necessarily active. The top social media platforms where users are most active include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

The following highlights 7 key benefits why you should adopt a Social Media Strategy:

  • It allows you to target your audience more effectively

    Knowing your audience is key for any business industry to grow more effectively. Not only does social media achieve this, but also has the tools to specifically target demographic variables of your intended audience; using customers personal information (e.g. gender, age, relationship status, language).

    Understanding your target audience can help you shift your marketing strategy efficiently, and also discover new uncharted opportunities including analyzing your audience’s movements, interactions, and behaviors.

  • Expands your target audience and brings in new ones

    A good social media strategy which defines the platforms to use, allows users to like, comment and share your page thereby creating free advertising to expand your business reach and bring in potential customers. It is ideal for lead generation, especially when used to educate or inspire your audiences.

  • Allows instantaneous feedback from customers

    Social media platforms allow immediate feedback from customers; whether they are negative or positive. This provides valuable insight into customer’s perspectives; allows you to either enhance your product/service to better suit your customer’s needs or learn that customers are satisfied with your business’s offerings. This avoids the tedious task of calling your customers or sending out emails to ascertain their level of satisfaction.

  • Increases website traffic, search ranking and generating leads

    The more followers, likes, comments and sharing that occurs on your social media platforms, increases your search ranking ability. Creating blogs and linking your businesses activities to your social media accounts further improves your visibility online and traffic to your website. It is important to maintain regular updates, videos, and images as well as interactive and compelling content to drive this more effectively.

    The more active you are in social media the more leads you generate towards your company. However, make sure that the content provided is stimulating and provides the information and demand required by your customers. The intention here is to build future connections and increase word-of-mouth.

  • A good Social Media Strategy can be Cost-effective

    For new start-up companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs, creating brand awareness on a limited marketing budget can often be challenging. Social media is a great way to increase brand awareness at little to no costs compared to other traditional advertising and marketing methods.

    This allows businesses to maximize their return on investments without breaking the bank. The more time and energy put in investing in social media will provide a greater impact on your businesses growth instantaneously.

  • Develops customer service relations and loyalty

    The direct interaction between you and your customer is a key feature of social media platforms. It allows you to develop a direct bond with your customers and create a supportive network. The instant back and forth communication you get with social media helps establish trust and builds a loyal fan base. Loyal customers advocate your brand and can drive instant traffic to your business through social media.

    Furthermore, social media fosters direct communication with customers, in turn validating their value. This can lead to customers to recommending the company’s product or service to others. At times, customers can encounter dissatisfaction and make this public. However, if customers feel that their voice has been heard and their negative experience has been quickly rectified and resolved, a once dissatisfied customer can regain confidence, trust, and loyalty.

  • Builds brand awareness and exposure

    This is what social media platforms do best: increase your brand awareness and exposure. You basically have access to many millions of potential customers signed up for these social media platforms at your disposable. Social media gets your business to be active visually and engagingly.

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Social media may not directly generate an overwhelming amount of sales; it does however enormously promote and increase the awareness of your brand and your business profile. The main purpose of social media is to build brand engagement and customer connections at relatively low costs. This is particularly beneficial for start-up businesses, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. In addition, social media helps build immediate customer service relations and loyalty.

Take note however and understand that social media alone does not bring about the insurgence of success a business requires to grow at full potential. Social media should be one that is integrated as part of your overall business digital marketing strategy.


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