8 Reasons Why Your Startup’s Marketing Stack Should Start With a Webinar

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You have spent a lot of money starting your small business. In addition, you are trying as much as you can to ensure that every department in your business has everything that it needs, including the marketing department.

Since you are just a startup, you do not have a lot of resources at your disposal as most of your competitors do. However, you have to make sure that you have implemented the right marketing strategies for your startup to stand a chance in the market.

So, do you know what you should include in your marketing stack? Webinars must be there. But why should you include webinars in your marketing stack? Here are a few reasons.



1. Your Marketing Stack Will Deliver Value to Your Startup

Do you want to show the value of your startup to the world? Then you have no option but to start your marketing stack with a webinar. If you follow the right steps in preparing and presenting your webinar, you will have the attention of your target audience.

In addition, you can create sessions in between where you allow your audience to ask you any questions that they might have. 

According to ActualTech Media’s blueprint for an effective webinar funnel, a successful webinar involves many steps before, during, and after your event. This means that you can drive your audience towards certain actions by showing them how valuable your startup is.


2. Webinars Helps Startups Communicate With Many People Globally

This is one of the main reasons you need your marketing stack to start with a webinar. Imagine the tremendous benefits of being able to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of people around the globe as a startup.

You can do this from your office… or even home – virtually. Do not be limited – if you want to do it from the beach, who cares! As long as you will deliver and keep your audience engaged, then go ahead and do it from anywhere you want.

Of course, you would love to have in-person communication with your prospects since it makes it easy for you to get new customers, but do you have the resources to travel from one country to another to meet them all? This makes webinars essential for your startup – they make it easy for you to meet and communicate with all your potential clients virtually.


3. Startups Can Make Sales Through Their Marketing Stack

What is the main purpose of all your marketing tactics? Of course, they are supposed to help you make sales. Similarly, your webinars are supposed to convince your target audience to buy from you.

However, you can achieve this easily with webinars compared to other marketing techniques. Remember that they softly sell your business – they never close anyone hard.

When preparing your webinars, remember that you are not supposed to teach and sell afterward. Instead, you should teach while at the same time making sales. In addition, make sure that your content is great and teaches your audience about your product(s).


4. They Help Prove That You’re an Expert

You are running a startup business and probably face a lot of competition from established businesses. So, how do you prove to your audience that you are an expert and can beat your competitors at their own game?

You might think that since your webinars are free, no one cares about them. Well, your audience cares. They spend time registering for the webinar, rescheduling their engagements, and setting aside enough time to be there as you make the presentation.

Imagine this person is doing all this just to come and listen to you talk about your business and products. What does that make you? Well, it means that you are an expert in your field. You should, therefore, prove to them that you are one without failing.



5. Webinars Allow Startups to Leverage Their Guests’ Audiences

Sometimes, you can invite experts from other companies or industries to come over and help you. Remember you are running a startup and probably do not have enough experts or are maybe outsourcing some services.

If you have a guest, chances are they will be happy to talk to their audience to raise the number of attendees. However, you should understand that promoting your webinar is solely your job, and your guests are not obligated to do it.

So, why not take this advantage and expose your startup to new audiences, generate leads, and even leave a good first impression? In addition, you can take advantage of this and borrow the credibility of your guest. The fact that you have brought an expert adds to your credibility of being an expert since the guest will be associated with your startup.


6. Startups Can Get Feedback Through Their Marketing Stack

Who would never want to know what customers think about their products and services? As a startup, you have limited resources, and chances are that you cannot engage your customers in other expensive forms of communication.

So, how do you know what they think about your products and services? How can you listen to their preferences and get to know about any improvements they would like to see in your products? What about getting feedback from them?

Well, there is no better way for a startup to get feedback than through webinars. When you host a webinar, you can solicit feedback and ask questions. You will end up getting insights into the preferences of your customers. This can help you improve your products and services.


7. Using the Marketing Stack to Generate New Leads

As a startup business, you will do everything you can to generate new leads. If you get to a point where you have more leads than you need, your business will be on the right trajectory, and expanding will not be an issue.

However, generating leads is going to be a challenge for your business, and this is one of the reasons you need to rely on webinars. Apart from generating new leads, a webinar will also expose your business to new people who you can easily convert into customers.

For example, let us assume that you have created a registration form for your first webinar. You will have people submitting their email addresses, names, or even phone numbers. Isn’t this information important to your startup business? 


8. They Help Startups to Engage with their Audiences

A webinar is a live event that happens once. If you have some people missing the webinar, they will miss everything. If someone joins a few minutes after you have started, then they will miss part of your webinar.

Now, assume that a webinar was like a video. Your audience would do anything that they want since they know that they can pause the webinar whenever they feel like it and still watch the video later when they are free. This is what sets webinars apart.

If someone misses it, they will feel bad for missing it. In addition to this, your audience can engage with you, ask questions, or even chat amongst themselves. This is important for startups.



Webinars Are Important

As a startup business, you might have limited resources yet want to compete with businesses that have already established themselves in the market. This, together with the other reasons discussed above, should convince you to start your startup’s marketing stack with a webinar.

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