5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence In Your Existing Career


Gaining confidence in workplace can be difficult, particularly when you’re just getting acclimated to a new job. New co-workers, new expectations, and a new position, who wouldn’t be intimidated by this? Even if you have been at your job for some time, there are still several reasons you might not be too confident. Whether it’s a bad relationship with your boss, a lack of experience compared to other employees, or you simply feel unsure of yourself in the workplace. In fact, research shows that it’s completely normal for both men and women to feel doubtful in their abilities! If this is something you’re struggling with, there’s no reason to worry.

Here are 5 simple ways to boost your confidence in workplace:

1.   Dress the Part

Creating a positive self-image can do wonders in the career world. Dressing the part will increase your confidence and benefit the impression that you leave on others. Keep in mind, however, that to portray yourself as a hard-working professional, you shouldn’t focus on just your outfit. To cover your grounds, pay attention to the  following:


  • Hair – When you don’t give yourself enough time in the morning, your hair is probably one of the many aspects of your image that tends to get overlooked. While it might be quicker for you to wake up, get dressed, and drive off to work, it’s vital that you take the time to style your hair correctly because it indicates confidence. So before heading off, focus on making sure that your hair is tamed and out of your face. If, however, you’re struggling with thinning hair, concentrate first on finding a solution that works best for you. Men, for example, might turn to a hair loss treatment like finasteride to slow balding, and maybe even reverse it. Women, on the other hand, might consider using a product like minoxidil to stimulate hair follicles and encourage growth.


  • Accessories – Sometimes, your professional wardrobe might seem a bit bland to you. The beauty of accessories is that there always there to give your clothes some pizzazz! To add to your business outfit, think about wearing a sleek, professional watch on your non-dominant wrist. A watch can help you appear more thoughtful and punctual to the customers you work with and other employees.


For more information on how to make an excellent first impression with your appearance, check out this informational guide:

First impressions


1.   Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Have you ever heard before that you are your own worst critic? Although this isn’t always the case, at some point in time, you’ve likely been too hard on yourself. Regardless of how small your mistake may seem to others, those feelings of inner failure are often difficult to ignore. Nevertheless, you must still strive to overcome them because the truth is, we’re all human, and we all make mistakes. Chances are, you are not the only one at your company who’s messed up before so don’t dwell all your time thinking about your errors. It’s imperative to try and remember to spend time reflecting on all the good that you’ve done at work instead of focusing on just the bad. For best practice, follow this exercise: write down ten tasks you did well throughout the workweek along with five tasks you’d like to work on for the following week. Study and evaluate these lists every week. More than likely, you’ll start to see a difference in yourself as well as your confidence.


2.   Express Your Concerns or Insecurities

Talking to your family, closest friends, and even your co-workers about how you’re feeling in the workplace is another great way to gain some confidence in workplace. Having a person to talk to gives you the chance to build stronger relationships and gather some outside perspective about how you’re feeling. Who knows, perhaps your feelings might be shared by other people too! Sometimes, listening to another person’s thoughts and opinions can make it much easier for you to mediate those not-so comforting emotions and alleviate any stress that you’re experiencing. Just make sure that you manage your emotions and that your approach to communication isn’t too overbearing. Otherwise, your concerns or insecurities might be interpreted differently than you intended it too. As important as it is to be authentic and transparent, it’s equally as important for you to maintain your composure during difficult conversations.


3.   Find Value in Constructive Criticism

Accepting constructive criticism can be hard, but finding value in that constructive criticism can be even harder. However, to properly grow within your career you must learn from the feedback of others by taking constructive criticism well. Try not to take any new insight that you receive to heart! Constructive criticism is meant to be a tool for employees, not a personal attack. If you acknowledge it the right way, it’ll not only reflect in your work, but it will also help to create bonds and form trust in the workplace. This, in turn, will allow you to feel more self-assured and construct an adequate, collaborative working environment for you and your team.


4.   Relax!

You should never underestimate the power of relaxation, especially in the office. If you’re on edge all the time and uneasy with your routine, it will probably show. More than that, though, it will also add tension to everyone else you’re working with. Your body is a reflection of your mind. For example, if you’re upset with yourself over a simple mistake, you’ll presumably be short or unintentionally snippy with your co-workers. As a result, they might think you don’t like them or that their doing something wrong, which can ultimately damage their confidence and weaken your work relationships. That said, when it comes to improving your confidence in workplace, go back to the basics; allow yourself to relax at work! Worrying will not change the outcome of how well you will or won’t do at your job. There’s no sense in overthinking the small stuff or overly preparing for the big. The only thing you can do is keep your head held high, work hard, and try your best each and every day.

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