Computer Hacks – Screen Strategies to Boost Productivity

Reports say that a bigger computer monitor increases productivity and work quality. This is especially important for people who perform complex tasks such as programming. The research shows a large monitor minimizes stress. Users get a better work environment and space which improves their output. The level of productivity may begin to diminish at some point and this is when you need computer hacks.

This is the level where users need to use different screen tricks to refresh productivity. People’s ability to arrange, set up, and use computer screens effectively is essential for increasing productivity in a variety of jobs. Here are the best computer screen tactics that people can use to increase their productivity.

boost productivity

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Invest in a high-quality monitor

Productivity is not only affected by the size of a monitor but also by its quality. The best productivity monitor should have a high resolution and perfect display. A smaller screen displays smaller texts, images, and videos. A user will strain reading or viewing. If the straining level extends for more time, the user could become stressed. Their efficiency will likely drop both in quantity and quality. 

A larger screen is less strenuous and users feel relaxed while working. Size is not enough because quality has to be considered too. Ensure the screen has excellent color accuracy. Let the resolution be high to improve your viewing experience. Choose a larger display to enhance readability. It is easier to multitask when using a larger screen. 

Computer screens are useful for productivity but they experience a variety of problems. At times, users may experience a blank or blurred screen. The screen might freeze at times or display horizontal lines. It may overheat, turn blue, or even begin to flicker.  These are common problems both for Windows and Mac computer screens. Solutions for Mac monitor flickering depends on the cause. The main cause of a glitching screen is bugs or corrupt system files. It can be corrected by updating software or reinstalling system drivers. Users may run a diagnosis to understand the root cause by offering a solution. You can read this blog to learn more about the cause of a flickering screen and the solutions. Various expert solutions here will help you in resolving the issue quickly.



Set up a double (or multiple) monitor display

A double monitor means setting two screens on the same computer. Setting a double height monitor simplifies the task of running programs. This is particularly important for designers and programmers. They can run two programs at the same time by opening them on different monitors. 

When users display several files or programs on several displays, their productivity increases. Based on studies, users can increase productivity by up to 20%. The main reason for the improvement is that users do not need to keep switching between programs. They no longer need to keep minimizing one folder or app to maximize the other one. This computer screen strategy increases focus and does not drain energy from users. 


Make use of productivity software

Next on our list of computer hacks is the use of productivity software.Having a great screen and a powerful computer is not enough. Many other issues can hinder user productivity. Some of these include distractions and a lack of the right tools for higher results. Work on minimizing distractions and focus more on productive things to do on computer. You can do this through the use of productivity apps. Choose applications that are intended to improve your screen time. Install apps for taking notes, screenshots, and collaboration. 

Choose apps for minimizing distractions to help you stay focused. Using the right tools and the right screen will ensure you get a relaxed work environment. You may consider using keyboard shortcuts to complete more tasks quickly. Some productivity tools completely block access to specific programs and platforms. They ensure you put all focus on the work at hand until it gets completed. 


Adjust screen resolution correctly

The level of screen resolution affects the amount of frames per second produced on the screen. Adjusting to a lower resolution leads to fewer frames per second. A higher resolution causes higher frames. It increases the total pixels generated by the graphics card. A higher number provides a smooth-running screen and a better display. 

According to science, pixel density has an impact on the brain. When pixels are higher, the brain processes data quickly. It uses less energy when interpreting the information displayed on the screen. When pixels go lower, it makes the eyes adjust and begin to strain. 

The brain processes data at a slower rate and requires more energy. This strains eye muscles and the brain. The person soon builds stress and becomes tired. Their productivity is affected. Learn how to balance screen resolution and optimize display effectively. Try out different settings to determine which one best fits you. 


Computer hacks to learn how to use the Dock and Taskbar effectively

The Dock is a feature in macOS while the Taskbar is a feature in Windows computers. Their work is similar although they have slight differences. Understanding how to use both features can help users increase productivity. The Dock in Mac allows users to access software and other day-to-day use features. It can display up to 4 apps that users accessed most recently. 

The Taskbar in Windows resembles a narrow strip displayed on the bottom or side of the computer. It displays all currently open windows. Users may add specific programs that they access often on the Taskbar. By right-clicking on it, they can customize it to improve user experience. Both the Mac Dock and Windows Taskbar make access to files and programs easier. They are useful tools for increasing productivity on the computer screen. 

To set Dock, open the Apple icon

  • Scroll and open the System Settings icon
  • Scroll further and select the Desktop icon
  • Open Dock and set it the way you want. 

To use the Taskbar, place the cursor on it

  • This will open several options
  • Open the Taskbar Settings icon
  • Select Show Taskbar on the desktop
  • Add items as you wish to make access easier



boost productivity

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Organize desktop applications and folders

Saving files and programs on the desktop makes it easier to access the often-used documents. With some computer hacks, it is easy to view the document and double-click to open it. This saves the time users could have spent looking for the document or program on the hard disk. The folders and programs may soon begin to fill the screen. Eventually, it might become harder to locate specific documents. Having a cluttered screen makes it harder to find documents and programs. 

One of the PC tips for improving screen productivity is to have an organized desktop. Create several folders and name them. Categorize the documents and apps. This way, the computer screen remains clean. It becomes less stressful to find documents. Computer users need to know saving files on desktops makes them vulnerable to loss and attacks. Create backups in the hard disk or another type of storage. 


Make the computer screen bigger

Making the computer screen bigger does not mean physically increasing its size. This one of the best computer hacks means increasing the size of the display. Users may increase the size of fonts and images. This allows them to view a larger image or fonts which is less straining. Learning how to make computer screen bigger is easy. 

Press the CTRL/Command key and hold it down. Roll the scroll wheel of the mouse towards or away from you multiple times. When you roll it toward you, you will notice the screen gets smaller. If you roll it away, the screen will get bigger. Continue doing this until you achieve the right screen size.


Do screen customization management

One of the most important components of setting up your computer screen for maximum productivity is tailored window management. Managing and arranging open applications effectively can have a big impact on your workflow. It enables better focus and effortless multitasking. Here are some personalized window management techniques.

  • Create several desktop spaces and easily switch between them.
  • Do window snapping to make it easier to move to the right or left of the screen.
  • Use third-party software for managing computer creeks.
  • Create virtual desktops to easily access remotely located screens. 


Do screen mirroring

Screen mirroring can also be called casting or copying. The strategy is often used when watching videos. It can also be used to display documents to make it easier to work on them. If your computer screen is small, this is a good strategy for attaining a bigger screen. 

Users need casting apps to display the content on the computer screen on TV. The process replicates the exact data on the computer to the bigger screen. It makes it easier to work on the documents without stress. Users get a bigger view that makes it easier to improve workflow productivity.


Practice healthy use of computer screens

Best computer hacks say that healthy use of computer screens ensures users do not get bored or stressed. It improves their well-being and productivity. Take breaks at certain intervals to allow the mind to rest. Use the right computer chair, table, and keyboard. This protects your body, especially the back and hands.  




The way you spend your screen time affects the level of productivity that you record. The size of the screen and quality matters in productivity. Choose a larger screen but also ensure it has some of the best features. Many other tricks can help people get the best results from their screens. Improve the screen resolution and keep the desktop organized. Use dual monitors and quality productivity tools. Customize screen management and keep all hardware and software updated. These simple computer hacks will make you more productive and help you achieve your goals without much effort.

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