COVID-19 Outbreak: Launches Online Empowerment Platform to Raise Awareness on Coronavirus


Simple and practical information on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak and how to stay safe. has today launched an online empowerment platform to provide the public with easy to understand video content and resources about the Coronavirus outbreak. The platform provides essential resources and content to help the public protect themselves and those around them.

Given the amount of false and conflicting information that is circulating on the internet around the COVID-19 epidemic, an accessible and simple to use online destination was needed. The site brings together the latest information and resources from the World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other reliable sources and presents it in a simple and effective way for the public to use.

The site, currently launched in English includes various short videos covering virus prevention tips, symptoms, and how to handle an infection. It makes use of the Real World Education format that helps empower viewers to take action while learning.

Given that there are so many students and individuals studying and working remotely, we will be providing further resources on how to work effectively from home.


Over the next few days, the site will be translated into other languages and schools will have access to the future job skills library of content from for free. Schools can share that content with their students who can go through the self-directed learning at their own pace and benefit from it. Future Job Skills Library:

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here to stay updated with the latest tips we add to the Coronavirus playlist here.

Stay safe.. Stay tuned..

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