3 Reasons Why Education is the New B2B Lead Generation Tool

B2B Lead Generation


No matter what type of business you have, lead generation is essential to identify your next batch of customers who will help fuel your growth.

You’re bound to think your business is great because you fully understand what you’re offering. But at the top of your marketing funnel – where lead generation takes place, your prospects know little or nothing about you. They can’t make the same connections to what you’re offering. You can’t blame them, they don’t live and breathe your products or services the same way that you do.

Education is becoming an ever more important tool for sales and marketing teams because it enables them to engage with prospects at crucial moments in the buyer’s journey. Education is an essential tool for lead generation especially when you are selling to enterprises (B2B).

In the process of educating your prospects, it helps to deliver high-quality leads, high-value clients, and one of the best returns you’re likely to see out of any marketing investment.

Here are a few reasons why education is a great B2B lead generation tool

  • Information Overload makes traditional Lead Generation ineffective:

    Your prospects are being bombarded by marketing messages and sales calls from your competitors. On top of that, the complexity of the messages we need to communicate to our prospects is growing, making it hard for them to pay attention and comprehend all the benefits you are providing.

    Prospects that attend and participate in training sessions and workshops are self-motivated and hungry for information and education. They are ambitious, outward-looking and hard-working. In short, they are exactly the type of customers that you want to target.

    The below report gives you a glimpse of the kind of information that can be gathered.

  •  Education Helps You Move Quickly From Features To Benefits:

    Rather than direct selling, the information, coaching, and advice that your prospects will receive from education and training workshops or webinars is something that they will actually value. Especially if these sessions address what we call Real World Education. These prospects have made the effort to seek out this information, sign up and attend such sessions.

    By providing them with valuable education, you can benefit from the strong, positive relationships. That will make it infinitely easier for your sales team to engage, and transition the conversation from selling based on features and price, to providing benefits and delivering value.

  • Short Attention Spans make traditional Lead Generation tough:

    Everyone loves to learn but not everyone loves to be sold to. Many marketing messages don’t succeed because they fail to attract attention, or when they do, the audience doesn’t feel that they’re being spoken to personally.

    People are more primed to receive information and advice if it’s educational. There are few other marketing opportunities that can guarantee a receptive audience who are genuinely hungry for new information and ideas.

As they say, “information is knowledge, and knowledge is power”. Educating your customer on how to meet their needs by providing the real problems that they will need to address, possible solutions to resolve these problems.

An alternative for you to create a whole development program for your lead generation activities, a quick and efficient way is to sponsor an existing development program. This way you can leverage the scale of a bigger program with more partners on board.

As well as the benefits of these solutions will ultimately put your customers in the driving seat. It would help you be a step ahead of the competition thus helping to keep your customers loyal to your business.

If you are interested to know more about how you can Engage, Empower and/or Educate your community then check our Organisation page.

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