Potential.com’s Innovation Theatre to Boost Qatar Start-Ups

Innovation Theater Qatar

Innovation Theatre aims to support and stimulate innovative entrepreneurship, and showcase successful start-ups who are creating value for the wider community

QITCOM 2012, dubbed as the “pre-eminent platform for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Qatar”, has featured Potential.Com’s interactive program in one of its previous showcases. In line with their goal towards transforming the country into a digital-based marketplace, QITCOM has invited Potential to lead an avant-garde approach in cultivating interests for entrepreneurship, as well as providing scholarly means for any interested pursuant.


Potential’s answer was Innovation Theatre, an interactive scheme directed towards the younger demographic as well as women. In this section, youth participants were urged to share pitches for media, mobile, web, gaming and even content. They were invited to re-imagine familiar objects and strategies in order to achieve new solutions that may offer good benefits in the community. The first 100 people who signed up for the program had the chance to draw their plans on an iPad. On the first day, mentors of the program had the chance to view the different ideas. There was a draw held and prizes were given to the lucky participants at the theatre’s opening. In return, Innovation Theatre offered financial and educational support. Each of the chosen delegates was trained on how to present and act on their refreshing concepts.


Shadi Banna, General Director of Potential.Com, shared that the company was thrilled to have participated in QITCOM. In producing the Innovation Theatre, they were able to organize a unique, technology-based approach in honing the youth’s ideas. He also disclosed that in the previous round of Innovation Theatre, 6 ideas were incubated and implemented, by which makers showed their dedication and determination to achieve success.


Qatar’s Future Represented

Ali Al Khulafi, organizing committee president of the said QITCOM event, conveys that “QITCOM was launched with the vision to further Qatar’s stature as a regional and world leader in the development of Arabic digital content, enabling local and regional ICT stakeholders and innovators to meet with international leaders and also help foster and inspire new IT companies.” With Potential.Com’s help, the prominent ICT platform was able to inspire up-and-coming youths and entrepreneurs to overcome the analog curb and maximize the available resources technology has provided. The Innovation Theatre also paved the way for unknown yet brilliant personalities to showcase their skills to the public, and benefit from the support of larger sponsors who found their ideas appealing.


Potential.Com’s vision has always been in the lines of business, technology and entrepreneurship, and the group was able to make an impact on the lives of the ICT community in Qatar, as well as the new generation of leaders about to come in the forefront of the economy.


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