Innovative Examples of Social Proof


A product or service that gets glowing reviews will have better chances of attracting customers via the internet. This is due to a behavioural effect known as Social Proof. However, users are increasingly aware of how to identify genuine and authentic reviews. Trust is essential. This means that how you show them matters.

Explore below some innovative examples of Social Proof:


If you want to create conversions via customer testimonials and reviews you can get the software of Zendesk to get you organized. Zendesk have beautiful layouts and filtering system. It helps users navigate testimonials and reviews according to location, company size, industry, and use case. There are even thumbnails that allow you to preview customer stories so any potential new customer will be inspired to click and read through all the experiences your present customers have had with your products and services. The creative and clean display will inspire your visitors that these are genuine customer experiences and they will be motivated to buy and invest in your brand.

Casper Mattress and the one-star reviews

Casper Mattress has an innovative website that has a good customers testimonials page. They emphasize the reviews and placed them on top of their header. Casper’s website layout and goal are all about generating trust and showing honest reviews from real customers. In the reviews page, the website has a call to action button for ordering the products itself. This is a good placement because anyone reading positive reviews will be inclined to make a purchase. Casper mattress website also allows users to filter reviews according to the number of stars, and number of reviews. People get the chance to view the negative reviews and this shows Casper Mattresses’ dedication to being honest and giving customers a chance to voice their concerns. You might also want to consider responding to negative reviews, as it shows potential customers that you care about their feedback. Here are some negative review response examples that can inspire you to write better responses


Bizzabo is a site about event planning and they have quite a number of happy users who share their testimonials generously. This site presents these testimonials in an innovative way and they provide a variety of content formats to show them. For example, the top page shows short tweets from customers. As you scroll down you will see the customer rating, some case studies and then a video customer testimonial. There are many customer reviews on Bizzabo and the potential customer can have a variety of choices on which type of customer experience they would like to read about.

Steve and Kate’s Camp

This website is all about summer camping so expect long and detailed reviews. Steve and Kate’s Camp designed their website in such a way that it is made up entirely of a series of customer testimonials. Their website shows customers give empathic reviews at how they’ve had a great time in camp. Making emotional videos is a great way to motivate your audience to get your products and services. It also shows that you have real and close connections with your customers and you were able to give them wonderful experiences.


Booker is a software provider for online shop owners. The main focus of their website is showing how customers think their software is great. The customer review is the focal point of their website and it gives the potential customer-relevant insight on the benefits of the software and how it can help manage an online store of any kind.


HubSpot is a great software provider offering various marketing tools. The layout of their webpage is innovative and shows the value of the service they are providing. They have a dedicated testimonials page with real quotes from customers who even display their business logos along with their reviews. You get details and statistics on how HubSpot has helped their business so you can get an idea of how this software service can potentially make an impact in your own digital marketing campaigns.


Reviews and testimonials are powerful on the internet. Thus, any type of product or service provider should value the information they are getting from customers. You can use this info as e-commerce sales stats to determine how your business is performing. Reviews and testimonials are Social Proof that your business is legitimate. This helps earn the trust and gain the investment of potential clients and customers.

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