Launching Real World Education

Launching Real World Education


We need Real World Education for the next economic growth wave around the world.

You may ask – What is Real World Education? Well, let me briefly explain it to you.

Governments are slow to change, Multilateral Organisations like the UN, World Bank is even slower and existing systems like the Education systems are the slowest of them all.

Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are fast and have a habit of using innovation to change the status quo for the better. They take matters into their own hands and find solutions to the biggest problems.

We have been supporting entrepreneurs from our inception over 12 years ago and have been applying ourselves the entrepreneurial mindset to empower millions around the world.

Over the past months, we enhanced our online learning platform and content methodology to be able to provide organizations and individuals with practical learning solutions that can help address their business skills and needs – anytime anywhere.

We are calling this Real World Education and its goal is to provide Economic Empowerment.

Cutting through the information overload, the academic context, the extensive deliberations, we distill for you what you need to know in a step by step process that could be applied right after the learning. We also complement it with coaching services to support you in taking action and products that are best designed for your needs.

We have already built a large set of free programs and cost-effective micro-courses that are ready to go.

In addition to that, over the coming weeks, we will be launching a set of focused Real World Education Initiatives targeting SMEs, Women, and Youth. Stay Tuned!

Here’s an example of a free professional services business startup course.

Let us know your views about Real World Education. What do you think should be done to enhance our existing education systems at the K-12, University, and Corporate level?

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