What is Vlogging: All You Need to Know About Vlog Making

The meaning of Vlogging

Vlogging has become an unstoppable booming activity among influential personalities and anyone efficient enough to display original content using the camera’s power. It is a fantastic way to earn attractive sums of money.  Vloggers like PewDiePire, Dude Perfect, HolaSoyGerman, and Windersson Nunes earn between $2.5 million and $17 million on average with millions of subscribers. But what is the meaning of vlogging? Why has it become so famous? And what do these famous vloggers do differently to earn this incredible amount?

If you are a beginner, you need to know the answers to these questions so you can understand all the ins and outs of vlogging before you start a vlog.

So, buckle up as you are about to explore the art of vlogging and the most practiced handy tips and tricks related to vlog making.


What Is a Vlog, And How Did It Evolve?

First thing first, what is the meaning of vlogging?

The word “vlog” is a combination of two words; video and blog. A vlog can be called a blog delivered in video format, where a vlogger can take the camera along with them as they go about their day or talk in front of a static camera.

Vlogging is an act of posting vlogs, which is an interactive video that vloggers post about anything they like or do. Vlogging can be done for many reasons; you can engage people online to understand the message you are delivering, show your creativity, demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on a specific topic, and many others.  Now that you’ve had an idea about the meaning of Vlogging, let’s look at how it all began.

So, when did it all start?

Blogging started in 1989, but it was not until 2000 when vlogging got a dramatic boost. It was when Adam Kontras uploaded his first 15-second video/vlog, which showed Adam sneaking a cat into his apartment building. That 15-second video is what started the popular vlogging trend.

Today, people post everything as part of their vlog, including their daily routine life, life experiences, special occasions, and much more.


How Popular Has Vlogging Become in 20 Years (2000-2021)?

In the past few years, vlogging has become increasingly popular. Not only are vloggers engaged in making videos every day, but the viewers are always ready to get entertained by them.

The recent statistics reveal that over 44% of internet users are immersed in watching vlogs every month. The time calculated of an average user on the internet watching videos online is 100 minutes a day. It is a total sum of 5 million YouTube videos per day.


Vlogging is not limited to individuals but has also become the most popular tactic for businesses to increase their advertising efforts. For instance, 85% of business owners choose to advertise through videos. Brands like to partner with famous vloggers to reach new prospects and maintain an effective relationship with existing customers. You can strengthen the relationship among customers if you have lots of YT subscribers. You can purchase YouTube subscribers if you’re struggling to manage.


What Makes Vlogging So Popular?

Well! The most obvious reason is the shorter attention span, which does not support reading conventional long blog posts. People prefer to go easy with their learning and entertainment ways. So, watching some entertaining or informative vlogs does the trick.

Another reason is probably visual psychology, which proves that people are more attracted to visual presentations as they are 43% more persuasive. For example, 37% of marketers reported that visual marketing is an effective and helpful tool in attracting people to their content. Also, statistics show that 85% of people are more likely to buy the product after watching a video about it.


So, a vlog is entertaining, does not require reading long paragraphs, and does not take much time. In simple words, it’s a recipe for success.

Vlogging Types

Types of Vloggers:

There are various categories of vloggers based on what content they come up with and deliver to their audience.

There are three types of vloggers based on how frequently they post vlogs:

  • Daily Vloggers

As the name suggests, Daily vloggers are people who post vlogs daily, informing their audience of their daily activities, whereabouts, and other stuff throughout the day.  Vlogging is their job, and they do it each day to engage their audience and raise more subscriptions and views to their vlogs.


  • Weekly Vloggers

Weekly vloggers collect events throughout the week and edit them together in a single vlog/video. They lack either time or interesting daily events. They intelligently capture the exciting events from the week and create a catchy and exciting video worth sharing and enjoying.


  • Occasional vloggers

These vloggers post the videos only when they have something special to share with their audience. For example, the content might include them taking up a challenge, performing pranks, meeting someone famous, getting awards, and such.


In terms of content, vloggers are also categorized into the following:

    • Beauty vloggers post about skincare, makeup tips, hair, and fashion.
    • Gaming vloggers post about video games and strategies and often record themselves playing or commenting on a particular game.
    • Lifestyle vloggers post videos on their daily activities and interests.
    • Entertaining vloggers post videos about pranks, Q&A, content for laughs, and similar content.


Personal Benefits Of Vlogging:

Not only is vlogging popular around the globe, but it also has some incredible benefits. For instance:

  • Helps You Make Connections:

For those of you who are desirous of making more connections, vlogging is the best way of doing it. Most vloggers with engaging content gain a significant spotlight through it. Increased connections can help you get more opportunities and tap into many other beneficial things.


  • It’s A Profitable Online Career:

Setting up a profiting online career is a time-taking task. But if you are creative, vlogging can prove to be an incredible profession for you. It’s inexpensive because all you need is a good quality camera, and you are good to go to monetize your vlog channel.

Not to forget, when you become famous and start getting offers from different brands, it dramatically changes your bank account.


  • Vlog Making Eliminates Loneliness:

A personal vlog can help you speak about your problems and to deal with them positively. When you talk about your issues in public and get positive feedback, you feel supported in your difficult time. Also, when you find out many people are going through similar conditions or worse, you realize you are not alone. It eliminates the sense of loneliness and emptiness.


How Is Vlogging Helpful For Business?

The following reasons underlie the importance of Vlogging in the marketing industry:

  • Attract more visitors
  • Boost search rating
  • Display services and products effectively
  • Businesses can use vlog making to engage their audiences.
  • Connects to other business opportunities that help companies make successful progress.

Businesses can use creative vlogs to enjoy all the above benefits, but doing it the right way is key to be successful.

Start Vlogging

How To Start a Vlog?

Vlogging ranks among the best ways to generate impressive revenue without spending much. You can market your videos on various social media platforms, attract more people, build connections, and get paid for your services when working for a brand. However, this all comes later; the first-ever thing is to create a vlog.

But how can you do that? Being a successful vlogger means using the right tactics and being efficiently creative to attract people to your work.

Here are some tips that assist in creating a vlog:

  1. Think of an interesting topic or story for your vlog/video.
  2. Get vlogging equipment – tools to capture the video, like Webcam, a video camera, a recording device, or even your smartphone, would do the work.
  3. Shoot video is proper lighting to get the best quality video.
  4. Also, get a microphone and make sure there is minimal background sound.

Note Ensure that you get good quality vlogging equipment because poor video and sound will drive people away.

  1. Next, edit your video before you upload it. You can use video editing tools like Canva’s video editor or video templates from Envato Elements to help you add music, credits and logos, titles, and much more to your videos.
  2. Upload your video on the social media platform of your choice.

Even though everyone is a vlogger these days uploading videos on their chosen content, becoming a successful one requires creativity, dedication, and a systematic approach.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a vlogger;

Step 1: Do Some Research For Inspiration

Before you ever get into making your vlogs, we suggest you first take out some time and research the content of famous vloggers. Researching is the best way of identifying what makes these vloggers popular.

This way, you will learn how it’s done and know about the vlogging equipment, and use them in your videos. Also, most vloggers provide valuable tips on making the vlogs successful from time to time.

Note: Before you start a vlog, research to get to know the field better and learn the tips and tricks these famous vloggers use, but you must never copy their vlogs. It will create a negative impact on your online vlogging career. 


Step 2: Follow Your Passion

Deciding on the vlog’s niche is essential and challenging because it will differentiate you from millions of other vloggers.

The best way to decide on the type is by following your passion. Figure out what you like most, and start planning to talk about it in your vlog. You can also opt for something you are good at. At this point, start thinking about what you will wear and how you will behave in front of the camera.


Step 3: Get Vlogging Equipment

Even if you think your camera is enough, investing in a tripod is always suggested. It will help you avoid making shaky videos, especially if it’s an indoor video.

What matters the most is the quality of your video. You need high-resolution videos to make an impact, but it does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on it. Today, most mobile devices allow you to shoot up to 4K video quality which is fantastic because the majority of viewers watch 1080p or lower resolutions. You can opt for a dedicated camcorder, DSLR, or a mirrorless camera, but it’s advised to invest in such equipment after some time when your channel has flourished a little. Consider leveraging a text to audio converter to complement your content creation arsenal. This versatile tool can seamlessly transform written scripts or descriptions into clear and audible narration, ensuring your message is accessible to a broader audience.

Also, invest in a good quality external mic because no one is interested in listening to the wind roaring outside or wants to max up on the volume to hear you speak clearly. Don’t forget editing software and adequate lighting to give that a professional touch to your vlog.


Step 4: Get To Know The Platform

Not familiarizing yourself with the platform is the biggest mistake most people make. So, don’t start without knowing the platform. You must use the YouTube search engine and notice the kind of titles that show up. You need to look at different channel pages, keywords, and thumbnails. Not to forget, pay attention to how your famous vloggers promote other videos with subtitles or interactive links when watching the videos.

Familiarizing yourself with the technical aspect of things is also recommended.


Step 5: Make Your Vlogging Channel

The wait is over. It’s time to create or launch your YouTube channel, which is super easy and will not cost you anything. Now, if you have ever subscribed to a channel, it means you already have an account and can just start uploading your videos.

However, it is advised to create a professional channel from scratch. It’s good to keep your professional and viewing accounts separate for a few essential reasons. You have to keep it niche-specific and have to maintain your brand, which is easier you have a dedicated account for it.

Now, to complete your channel, have a profile photo that can represent what your channel is about.  You can also have attractive banner photo links the account to any social media accounts you may have. These things go a long way to make your account look legitimate and professional.

How to become a blogger

Step 6: Shoot Your Vlogs

Yes, it’s time to shoot the videos. Start by having an outline and make sure everything is set up perfectly. We don’t mean to follow a script by having an outline, as it will make your video look boring. We only recommend that you have a basic outline of topics you will be covering and essential points that you want the video to include.  This will make things easier for you to start a Vlog and keep the video and the talk on the right track.


Step 7: Edit, Upload, And Optimize

You cannot start a Vlog by creating a killer video without properly editing it. No, we are not asking you to go all in and do a pro job. All we are suggesting is to make your best effort to make the video look as good, professional, and cohesive as possible. You can do color correction, use graphics and balance audio to make your videos good.

Finally, it’s time to upload and optimize the video. Uploading is super simple and does not take much time, but the real deal is optimizing.

You need to create concise, clear, and eye-catching titles to appeal to viewers using the appropriate keywords to improve searchability.  Use appropriate tags and crate attractive thumbnails that represent what the video is about.

Oh, ensure that you promote it on various social media platforms.

So, there you go. Now you know the exact meaning of vlogging, its benefits for business and how you can start a vlog and become a successful vlogger.

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