The Next Generation Business Skills – Available Just in Time!

The Next Generation Business Skills - Available Just in Time!


We need the next generation of business to help in the transition to knowledge-based economies.

The business world is changing fast with new jobs being created all the time and many jobs getting lost at an ever-increasing pace due to automation.

On the other hand, the majority of schools and universities are still entrenched in a century-old system that focuses on academic pursuits, instead of job creation.

In 2007, we in launched a program framework for businesses called the Next Generation Business framework. It aimed to support companies of all sizes to prepare for a future that involves more sustainable business practices.

This was in response to the excesses that we were seeing in the pre-financial crises business world. The framework focused on strengthening partnerships amongst the business’ ecosystem including more engagement with the community, suppliers, media, channels and other stakeholders.

This framework along with many others like it have become an essential component of corporate strategies around the world, as the focus on triple bottom line and sustainable development is being emphasized by governments, customers and international bodies like the UN.

Over the past few years, we extended this framework so that we address not just what company CEOs need to do to achieve sustainable business success, but what skills are required by society as a whole to succeed today and in the future.

We have found that some of the most important skills needed are those that address gaps in the education system – practical learning to support people at various stages in their life – forming an end to end life-long learning package.

During this period, we have had amazing success stories that have come out of the millions of learners who have gone through our various in-house programs or those that we have launched, in partnership with or on behalf of, our forward-thinking clients.

We have learned a lot in the process and have been motivated by the positive impact that we are witnessing.

For that reason, we are consolidating our content and launching the Next Generation Business Skills bundle that support individuals at various stages in their life-cycle.

That’s how we support individuals at various stages in their life-cycle through Next Generation Business:

  • Students

    Exposing them to essential topics that they need to learn early on, like innovation, problem-solving, civic leadership, entrepreneurship & teamwork

  • Job Seekers

    Presenting them with various options to make a living including freelancing, starting up, opening a lifestyle business or finding jobs by helping them develop their CVs and prepare for interviews

  • Professionals

    Supporting their career progression through our practical learning methodology where essential job tasks and functions are mapped to learning tracks so that learners develop themselves while doing their jobs

  • Entrepreneurs

    Helping them raise the chances of success of their fast growth startups, social enterprises or Small & Medium Enterprises while also exposing them to Angel Investing so they, in turn, support the next generation of entrepreneurs


With today’s EdTech tools and increasing internet connectivity, we have an opportunity to provide just-in-time learning delivered on demand through any device in any place. Also by fully aligning the learning with the job tasks and priorities, we can ensure that effortless continuous learning is taking place at all times and helping develop sustainable economic empowerment for the learners.

It’s an exciting time for learning and development and where the Next Generation of Businesses and Learners would be empowered to do better for the society and the planet.

We would love to hear from you on what you believe are the essential skills needed for the Next Generation of Business. What do you think are the most important skills needed by everyone in the coming years?

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