Passive Income – Everyone should be earning more in 2021

Getting a passive income….  That would be nice.

Wouldn’t you like to earn a bit of extra money while you go about doing what you are doing today? It’s doable and this year is the best year to make it happen if you haven’t yet.


The internet and mobile phones have leveled the playing field all over the world. This provides us with a great passive income opportunity.

Passive Income





In a span of a few years, billions of people have connected to this world wide web. You can market to them quite easily and inexpensively. Niche audiences in some cases could represent markets that are much bigger than some countries.


This allows you to reach a selected group of prospects, and offer them something that they value. It might be a service, an insight, a cool T-shirt, a motivational wristband or millions of other options.


The beauty is that just about anyone with a minimal set of knowledge and skills, armed with a connected smartphone, could participate in this new economy!


Through real-world education, we can teach anyone how to start selling online with less than a $100. We can teach them how they can launch a blog or vlog and engage thousands for virtually nothing. Today, we can economically empower anyone through practical education.


If done well, you can earn a reasonable amount of income with only a few hours of your time invested in a week. This passive income can be earned while you are studying, working, or vacationing.


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I can see this form of passive income, become the new social security net.

It could help you stay close to the market needs and adapt as market changes by embracing lifelong learning opportunities.


It can alleviate pressure off government coffers that are struggling to address their aging populations and shrinking workforces.


Best of all, a passive income can allow you to pursue what you love to do, and possibly turn it into the full-time job.


For 2018, I suggest that you add this resolution to the list of others you might be working on. Identify what would be an area that you are passionate about and that you would love to pursue.


You might be able to start exploring what you would like to do by freelancing. Here’s a video to help you think about freelancing:


Think of something that you can work on, while you are doing what you are doing now in your current career.

Many corporate executives as they are in between jobs or when they plan to retire prefer to start a professional services business. The benefit of such a business is that it very easy to setup and in many cases, doesn’t even require official registration.

However many of these attempts end up costing a lot of money and never get to scale. We have set up a special online course and support service to help you avoid common mistakes and to launch your professional service business on the right track.


Doing so will allow you to explore various options and identify what is it that you enjoy doing the most. Don’t delay the start until the perfect time comes, it never will. Start now!



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