Potential.com & Injazek: Empowering Libya’s Youth in a Grand Scale

Potential.com & Injazek: Empowering Libya's Youth in a Grand Scale

Featuring Libya’s Largest Youth Entrepreneurship Competition for Stimulating Technology, Passion and Creativity


On the 5th of February 2014, the Radisson SAS Hotel in Tripoli Libya welcomed guests and representatives from INJAZEK, a unique, youth-driven competition which was launched by the Libyan Ministry of Youth and Sports. Considered a widespread national event, the young demography all over Libya was tapped in order to express their own ideas and aspirations through technology and communication. Promising a lot of start-up educational materials, community exposure and great prizes, participants of the said events were motivated to bring out the best of their craft.

The Competition objectives were to meet the following goals:

  • Discover new innovations from brilliant young aspirants
  • Promote entrepreneurship in Libya
  • Support up-start entrepreneurs
  • Increase awareness about building brands with good technology
  • Share commercialization of participants’ skills and know-how’s

This program was made possible through Potential.com’s help. Other supporters included a list of senior representatives from private and public sectors.

Participants, aged 18-35 years, began to register on the 10th of February. Among the required themes were scientific research and technical solutions for different avenues, including: IT, Communications, Energy, Medicine, Environment, Electronics, and Water.

With a well-designed program, participants were able to create strategies within a timeframe and would produce a great effect on Libya’s economy. This tapped many areas of growth, domestic-wise, including better education and an improved standard of living.

Through a development of the mobile application by Potential.com, access to the information for Injazek became available for many people, especially for mobile users. The app showcased information about the said competition, as well as a useful calendar which kept track of the project’s progress. Social media, indeed, played a significant role in the success of this innovative venture.

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