Potential.com Launches SME Evolution Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Potential.com Launches SME Evolution Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Revolutionary program aims to develop Saudi Arabia SMEs across industries and stages of business with access to information, training, and innovative competitions

It was a collaboration that blossomed into a successful stirring of the Saudi Arabia SME community—local and global brands such as Google, Intel, Aramex and STC joined forces with Potential.com, a business development group fueled with a passion for nurturing budding corporations.

In a press conference held at the glitzy Marriott Hotel, representatives of each titan huddled into launching a visually-alluring workshop called SME Evolution, a wide-scale convention featuring bilingual seminars for entrepreneurs, all done without for free. A series of webinars followed-up this cause, allowing its delegates to pursue greater education pertaining to online and offline business development.

With the support of world-renowned brands, Potential.com gathered major executives from businesses all over the country, helping them acquire further details about the possibilities of growth; domestically and internationally. These online lectures offer astounding benefits to Saudi Arabia SMEs.

Topics focusing on communication, finance, leadership, productivity, time management and even personnel skills were churned and cultivated. Internet safety was also tackled; data assimilation, among the main concerns of e-commerce users, was also highlighted. This resulted to the idea of having a dedicated IT budget would provide solutions and maintenance for the business’ tech aspect in the future.

Potential.com always believed that small and medium enterprises play a role in every country’s GDP. Currently, Saudi Arabia SME’s contribute about a third of the country’s GDP, whereby the objective of the “SME Evolution Program” is to enhance this by increasing efficiency and business uptime. With SME Evolution, local companies will not only expand their reach within the country but may be able to compete with international markets as well. The free program, therefore, was conducted to stimulate local brands and trigger a rise in the economy.

Mohammed Al-Kathiri, Undersecretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry for Technical Affairs, acknowledged Potential.com’s efforts in his words. The office of the Ministry of Trade and Industry recognized “the importance of the small and medium enterprise sector and its role in supporting the national economy and employment.” In addition, all involved parties, such as the chambers of commerce and industry established by the National Center for Small and Medium Enterprises, are placed under the Ministry’s hands for further nurturing.

The initiative was also given a nod by STC’s Nasser Al-Jasser, Vice President of Business Services. The company discloses that it has been aware of the challenges SMEs face in the labor market, and furthering the burgeoning businesses’ technology was a reflection of STC’s answer to social responsibility. With this, the telecommunications company stressed its readiness to sustain akin programs like Potential’s cause and called upon its partners and patrons to participate in the SME Evolution workshop.

Other partners, such as Google, Aramex and Zawya, expressed their positive remarks towards Potential.com’s cause as well.

With gratitude to its league of supporting brands, Shadi Bana, Potential.com’s Managing Partner, discloses, “Through our program, we aim at contributing to the development of the Saudi Arabia SME sector and its performance. This goes in line with the government’s ninth development plan aimed at diversifying sources of income in the local economy by supporting the private sector.”

This was not the first time Potential.com successfully implemented their high-end, dynamic workshop. Previously, the company managed to impart business strategies and marketing models in the countries Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, and UAE. Other rounds of seminars were planned to be launched on Turkey within the next 6 months.

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