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At Potential.com, we strive to empower people, so they reach their full potential! 

Our journey of empowering people began over 15 years ago. During this time, we invested our efforts trying to decipher how people think and behave and then apply our knowledge to enhance our platform and content.  

We have in the process supported millions of people around the world to start the journey of realizing their potential. 

Let’s share with you some of our findings along the way.


What holds us back from reaching our potential? 

Over the years, we have tried to come up with answers to better understand the enablers of success. 

But with every discovery, new questions were raised.  

How can we motivate people to take actions that are important to them? We all know how hard it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle with good food and exercise.  

How can we provide the shortest route to unlock their potential? In a world, with information overload and constant disruptions, this becomes ever more difficult.   

How can we encourage them to be confident in their abilities? If someone is not feeling well or is worried about how to cover their monthly expenses, it makes this even more difficult. 

How do we inspire creativity and innovation? Something that the world needs a lot of these days. 


In Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins shares his astonishing life story and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential. I truly advice you to read or hear this book.

COVID-19 pandemic provided a reflection opportunity 

In an already turbulent world, COVID-19 disrupted our lives and challenged our daily routines. While we are adapting to this new “normal”, it has pushed us all to validate some of our basic rituals and daily routines.  

Of course, a lot of suffering has taken place due to COVID-19. Many have lost their lives. But on the other hand, it has also brought families together and given us a time-out to validate what is important to us. 

It has been an opportunity for us – at Potential.com – to take time to reflect and share our learnings. It has also given us an opportunity to see if our empowerment model can withstand the test of time and circumstances.  

We realized that our work became even more important and relevant during these difficult times. Schools, Universities, Governments, Corporations as well as individuals were thrown into the deep end of remote work and learning. Our empowerment platform and content provided a lifeline. 

Let’s share with you the levels that we take people through so they reach their potential.


The 3 key steps to help you reach your full potential 

 To this end, we focus on three fundamental principles to achieve one’s full potential that applies in normal times as well as during a pandemic.

  • Wellbeing – the foundation of potential 

We are constantly bombarded with endless information and negative news, a fact that was amplified by the onset of Covid-19.  

Today, more than ever, the key to success is focusing on our well-being and overall mental and physical health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by following a wholesome diet, exercising well, minimizing distractions, and practicing meditation are essential.  

Apart from improving your health, they foster positive thinking and instills a growth mindset that motivates you to take action and look at the bright side of things.  

  • Business Knowledge – the enabler of potential 

Everyone needs to have the means to earn an income and cover at least their basic expenses.  

Today, the global online marketplace is open to us all to participate in it. All you need to do is have the know-how which is readily available online for free – in most cases.  

We all know that “Knowledge is Power” and that is why you should never stop learning. You shouldn’t be satisfied with what we acquire through your school or university days.  

Applying your business knowledge is fundamental to staying ahead of the curve, and so is cultivating a culture of continuous learning.  

Empower yourself and sharpen your skills by attending training courses and networking events, learn from experts, stay up to date with the information that helps in your decision-making.  

  • Innovation – the fulfillment of potential

Developing creative thinking and innovation skills can help us think freely and figure out clever solutions for common, everyday problems.  

Based on the knowledge acquired, innovative ideas can evolve into a business venture, ensuring the survival of these solutions and making them easily accessible to the public. 
There’s something particularly rewarding about driving real, positive change fueled by one’s passion and conviction. 
Such sustainable social innovations are needed to overcome the many global challenges, we are all facing. They are also the gateway to us reaching our full potential. 


How easy is it to apply the above principles and achieve a sense of purpose? 

The vast majority of people around the world are now connected to the Internet and have instant access to real-world education at the click of a button.  

Knowledge is no longer a luxury, but a core value for everyone to stay relevant in a fast-paced world. This online access lends itself to the global marketplace as well, giving unemployed people the chance to earn an income. 

Those who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are driven by a longing to change the world for the better, can join global discussions around worldwide challenges and leverage their innovation skills to come up with solutions to problems that they are passionate about. 



Achieving your full potential 

Once you feel good about your well-being, earn an income that covers your necessities and position yourself as innovators who can bring passionate solutions to the table, this sense-of-purpose will encourage you to realize your full potential. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be providing a set of articles, resources, and programs that are available to everyone. Through our partnership with leading governments and leading brands, most of these programs will be provided for free.  

So, everyone will can empower themselves.  

At Potential.com, our mission is to nurture those who dare to get out of their comfort zone to make the world a better place, by providing a platform for people to find empowerment and reach their potential.



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