Future Jobs and Businesses Require Practical Learning

practical learning


Practical learning is needed to drive the next wave of job creation in the world.


Our job needs are changing fast and automation is making many jobs disappear completely. These trends are only going to increase, at an ever faster pace. The same is true for the business environment.


The only way we can keep up with these changes is by using practical learning what we in Potential.com call, Real World Education.

By using practical learning solutions which involve “micro courses”, complemented with one on one coaching, you are able to learn and apply what you learned.


This practical learning approach ensures that you can deliver or take the learning just in time when you need it.


As an example, you are working on your next project and need to learn the essentials of how to scope your project, so you launch the microlearning course on project management. Within 10 minutes, you would have understood the essentials of project management and came out of the course with a scope to apply to your project.


This is the ultimate practical learning application. Within 10 minutes, you would be applying what you learned thus helping you with your work and in the process reinforcing the learning.


The online learning, when complemented with one on one coaching, becomes an even greater practical learning experience. With the help of a coach, they could support you by ensuring that what you learned is being implemented in the right way. The coach could be a manager or more experienced colleague, or an external individual.


The key to practical learning is that you want the learner to feel empowered to learn and apply the learning while knowing that if they need help a coach is always close by.


We have put together a few bundles of courses and services that help anyone sell online, market online and earn money from a hobby they may have. You can check them out on our Entrepreneur and SME Shop.


I would be delighted to hear your views as to how you think we can all make learning more practical. I would also welcome your feedback on our course and service bundles.



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