Real World Education Addresses Real World Problems

Real World Education Addresses Real World Problems


There is no shortfall in world problems and challenges that we face, from climate change to rising inequality, to protecting human rights – most of which have been summarized in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were launched by the United Nations.

These goals bring together governments, the business community, and NGOs to work together on finding solutions to these challenges. This won’t be an easy task and will take the ingenuity, energy, and passion of generations to address these real-world problems.

What needs to start immediately across all schools, businesses and the community at large is the introduction of what we are calling Real World Education where through practical learning, everyone can become a problem solver.

The aim would be to turn these challenges at a local level into opportunities for those communities. In the process, we would create local solutions to local problems and do good for the community as well as create much-needed jobs. Each individual would focus on the areas that they are most passionate about and collaborate with others to find the best solutions.

Imagine the real-world learning, and skills development, that would take place in the process! innovation, teamwork, entrepreneurship, science, critical thinking, business skills etc.. would all come as a simple outcome of these activities.

We are already applying this process in the “Empower” programs that we have launched ourselves or on behalf of our valued partners. By using our online learning platform and content methodology, we educate tens of thousands of individuals for free in each of these programs and support the best teams to take their innovations to the next level.

By using a blended learning approach, we can ensure that we do this work in a cost-effective way allowing us to identify the best talent and support them through one on one engagements. It provides us an opportunity to involve the whole local ecosystem and work together toward a specific goal.

Real world education allows us to address social challenges and turn them into practical business learning opportunities.

If you would like to learn more about how our online learning platform and content can be applied to empower your business and/or community,  reach out to us. We would be delighted to take you through examples where we have helped remote communities maintain their heritage and sell their products online, where we have helped create social entrepreneurs or many other projects across a wide range of geographies and industries.

Let’s all work together to address the real world problems through real-world education!

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