Empowerment – Real World Education to Empower Millions

Real world education to empower millions through the use of practical learning. With practical learning, we provide the tools for economic empowerment.



We launched our first Potential.com online learning platform in 2009, to develop business skills for free, in a practical and efficient way to the masses. It was our first version of using real-world education to empower our community.


MOOCs (Massive online open courseware) was still not popular and we had to struggle with low bandwidth issues, educating users on how to access webinars and more.


The topic we chose to provide the most effective business skills development opportunity was entrepreneurship. We found that wherever you go around the world, it’s a language that everyone understands – despite struggling to find the exact translation of the word in some languages.


No matter if you are man or woman, old or young, educated or not, the idea of starting a business in an area that you are passionate about, has come on everyone’s mind at some stage in their life.


In many countries, entrepreneurship is a necessity for some as an alternative to unemployment. If people can’t find jobs, they would try to make a living selling something or providing a service that is needed in their community. This is why their empowerment is essential in every country around the world.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, they are positive, they are resourceful and passionate individuals.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs through Real World Education, allows us to solve many of the world’s problems.


Our aim was to provide these programs for free, so we developed innovative business models to engage our community of business partners and governments.


Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts of leading organizations like Google, Intel, Pepsi Co, Visa, Microsoft, SAP, Etisalat, Aramex, STC and others we launched programs targeting Women, Small and Medium Businesses and many other technologies and industry-focused programs.


We are ready to use Real World Education to empower the next generation of users in our communities at a much larger scale than before.


Today, we are launching a new version of these free business development programs, to help provide gender parity through our women program, employment opportunities for youth and job opportunities by expanding Small and Medium Businesses.


Our aim is to positively impact over 1,000,000 individuals across the world to become economically empowered.


You can join one of our programs by visiting our programs’ overview page or support one of the programs as part of your CSR activities by getting in touch with us here.


Let’s work together on solving the world’s toughest problems and to create a sustainable future for all by empowering entrepreneurs.


I’d love to hear from you about your suggestions and ideas to empower entrepreneurs further.

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