Reasons Why Candidate Experience Affects Your Company’s Reputation

candidate experience


“Candidate experience” is a new term to many but it is among the most important considerations that an employer must have in order to protect their brand image and reputation. Additionally, it is crucial for employers to conduct thorough criminal record checks before hiring any new employees as this not only affects your company’s image/brand but also ensures the safety and security of the workplace and colleagues. Visit this website to know more. Recruiters and marketers, alike, are all in agreement that recruitment processes must be handled with great care in this era of a constant flow of information. If a job candidate gets a horrible recruitment experience, chances are that most of the other possible applicants will get wind of that and steer away from your company.

Are you hiring? Here are 3 reasons why candidate experience affects your company’s reputation.


Job candidates of today are tomorrow’s customers and business associates

The young graduate who is seeking a job in your company today- probably an intern position- has tons of untapped potential that can make or break the future of your company. For starters, this person is one of your target customers. He/she can be discouraged from ever buying from you if you mistreat her/him during the recruitment process.

What’s more? There is a high chance that that person will give you a bad review online. Hence, this could be hard to counter bearing in mind that he/she has an intimate understanding of how your company operates.

On top of being a customer, this person is a potential future business icon. Another company might hire him/her or they might start their own business, utilizing an applicant tracking system to streamline the hiring process. Though, ten years down the line, you find yourself needing their expertise to grow your business. How you treat them now will most likely advise their decision then.


Job seekers are now connected through social forums

Unlike before when every job seeker was working independently, these days everyone is connected through social media groups. Potential job applicants or graduates within a given field are constantly sharing their experiences on social media. If applicants feel shortchanged or mistreated during their job application at your company. Chances are that they will tell their peers about how unreliable an employer you are.

Thus, many talented and highly qualified potential applicants who will avoid your company as a result.

On the flip side, treating an applicant well and offering him words of encouragement even without giving him the job will make him feel obliged to encourage others to try their luck. That candidate will paint you as a suitable employer out there. And in the case where you manage to convince a candidate that you are not hiring him because of his lower qualifications, there is a valid chance that the candidate will take time to improve his resume and reapply again. That is the kind of loyal employees that will move your mission and vision to fruition. In the end, you will have the best talents flocking your recruitment office.


Digital reputation

How well you structured your recruitment process? In this millennial era, convenience is everything, even when seeking employment. If you convince the applicants that you have invested sufficiently in your digital infrastructure, they will definitely want to be associated with your company, one way or another.

Companies are, for example, investing in sophisticated web designs that support pre-employment skill tests. Such tests help interested job applicants to assess themselves from one level to the other. Thus, only the ones with the highest chances of getting the job set foot in the actual interview room. This form of online elimination process is enough to earn your company the respect of the current job seekers, even when you don’t hire most of them.

Other companies are investing in modernized and “cool” career pages on their pages. The pages have all the “cool” stuff that the millennial job seekers are looking for. And if anyone dreams of ever working for such a company, he/she gets all the information he needs from the site and works towards his qualifications even before sending in their application. That “coolness” impresses this digital age in ways you cannot even imagine.


Final thought

With the growing influence of social media platforms, it is imperative that you mind how candidates see your employer brand; otherwise, your reputation will receive the full wrath of the job seekers. If your budget allows, it is wise to consult a recruitment agency on how to proceed with your recruitment process without harming your overall reputation. Better yet, you can let your recruiters undergo recruitment training so they can level up their skills and adapt to new processes in recruiting.

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