Sales Training: 10 Ways to Level Up in 2022

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Sales Videos and training that don’t allow your sales reps to connect with the products and the business are a thing of the past, and that only minimal retention is held when employees undergo these types of training.

Instead, using training methods and programs that increase employee engagement and allow your sales team to learn in small bursts to improve retention are key. We have included 10 ways that you can best train your team and boost engagement.

Five are steps you and your team can take together, and Five are programs that can help you create the best training you can.


Why Traditional Training Doesn’t Work

Traditional training methods just don’t work. Whether it has ever worked is up for debate, but recent studies show that the way a lot of businesses have been working to get their staff engaged and educated just isn’t the way to do it.

Video training is one great example. Studies show that with a 40-minute lecture or training video, most people only remember about 20% of the information. For a 15 minute video, that increases to around 40%, but that might not be enough to get across all the information you have.

Also, that retention is only immediate retention. Furthering that study shows that within six-day, only 25% of the information is usually retained.

Product training for sales that makes your employees feel engaged and part of the team is best for your team. When you have someone just sitting and watching a video, there is a disconnect between the employee and the business.


5 Ways to Increase Training on Your Own

Working with your staff can increase their engagement. Plus, there is less of a cost to do the training yourself, though it may take up more time.

Work together to make a roadmap.

If all your teams work together to understand the product roadmap, your sales team will not only be involved and know most of the ins and outs of the product, but are also able to promote it to customers as it is in progress.

Have Each Member Create a Training Video

By having your sales reps create training and how-to videos on the products coming out, they can practice explaining the product and must take time to learn the ins and outs of the product so they can answer most questions they will be asked.

Short videos with quizzes

If you are going to do videos, short snippets with quizzes afterward are best. You can even add incentives to who has the best results.

Case studies and practice

Case studies allow your reps to see examples of the products, and see how it works, instead of just the theory of how the item they are selling works. This allows them to understand the sale better, and even gives them features they can point out.

Mobile sales training

Micro lessons, games, texts, podcasts, and even ebooks are all great examples of training that your sales reps can do on their phone, even while commuting to work. This allows them to take the lessons in short bursts and gives them more opportunities to train.


5 Product Training for Sales Programs

If you want to spend a little extra and help out your team, there are also paid programs. Online or in-person training programs, or even just programs that help you make your training program can be very helpful when you don’t know where to start.

Here are 5 of the best training assistance programs for 2022:

  • Coursera- The Art of Sales
  • Bigtincan Learning
  • Rain Group- Foundations of Consultative Selling
  • The Brooks Group- The IMPACT Selling Seminar
  • HubSpot- Inbound Sales

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