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Tatawwar programme


  • A teacher’s role has become more critical in providing students with better future job skills and prospects

  • Future teachers are facilitators of Real World Education

  • Effective teachers do this by developing in their students, a growth mindset, encouraging self-directed learning and keeping students motivated

  • Tatawwar is a program where teachers can be involved to support students to develop their social innovations


As youth unemployment soars across the world, especially in emerging markets such as the Middle East and Africa, the role of teachers has become even more crucial.

Teachers have always had a significant impact in shaping their students’ passion and mindset. However, today, they are instrumental in providing the future generation with better economic prospects.

This responsibility is not one that is in the standard teacher job description, but one that they are best positioned to address.

As the internet has developed, teachers’ roles have evolved from being the main source of knowledge to becoming facilitators, supporting students in their pursuit of knowledge. Effective teachers do this by focusing on building a growth mindset in their students. They encourage self-directed learning opportunities and keep their students motivated to achieve their goals.

Tatawwar Programme

HSBC and Potential.com have recently launched a blended learning program that has been designed to support teachers in empowering their students. Tatawwar – building tomorrow’s minds – focuses on providing high school students with an opportunity to take charge of innovative for a shared future.

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The online and face-to-face programme brings together students aged 15 to 18, schools, teachers, parents and the business community to innovate for a sustainable future by addressing one of three United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  1. Climate Action
  2. Human Health and Well-being
  3. Clean Water and Sanitation

Tatawwar programme encourages students to engage their teachers and parents to support them in the innovation journey.

A micro-learning track for teachers helps them know more about how they can involve their students and support them through coaching. We encourage teachers to learn more and engage their students by registering on https://tatawwar.com/teachers-track/

The best innovative solutions that the students and their teachers develop would be rewarded and recognised in a high profile event at the end of the program. You can read more about Tatawwar in the press release.

So do not miss out on this opportunity to facilitate the development of future job skills and be part of this highly impactful initiative.

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