Uncover your Client Needs

client's needs

Sales professionals are continuously challenged to uncover the client needs so that they can offer them the best solution to those needs. This process can be quite daunting and inefficient, as sometimes the clients don’t know what they really need and as such need guidance.

After opening a meeting and setting an agenda, then next aim is to uncover the client’s needs. You don’t have time to tell them about all your products, so first, understand what their needs are and then you can tell them only about the products or solutions that meet those needs.


Use two questioning methods to uncover client needs:

  • Open questions

    It gives the client an opportunity to shed light and expand on the question area.

  • Closed questions

    It forces the client to give you a specific answer such as when a decision would be made.


The aim of the questioning is to uncover the client’s circumstances and needs which would help you in suggesting the best solutions to their requirements.

Remember, listening is a much more effective skill than talking when in meetings.

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