Video marketing: Benefits, Challenges, Best Practice

Videos are great for the dissemination of information and demos on the internet. Another thing why videos thrive so much is from a scientific point of view. Your brain simply loves it! Seven out of ten of the human body’s sensory receptors are in the eyes and one-half of the human brain is devoted to vision. It only takes a tenth of a second for the brain to understand a visual scene. Videos, including video production by Standby Productions, are simply better understood and put you in the middle of the experience. There is a vast difference between watching basketball live versus reading about it on a blog. Since video is powerful, now is the time to make the shift to this type of content if you want to thrive in your business or in any area of the internet for the years to come.

Your search engine rank is important in marketing your business. Without website traffic, your business has a very low chance of being noticed by your prospects. If you have used various digital marketing strategies in the past but still didn’t get higher website traffic, chances are, you are using the wrong tools to skyrocket your traffic.

Video marketing: Benefits, Challenges, Best Practice


If you want to increase your website traffic, one effective strategy you can utilize is video marketing. Why? This is simply because visuals and content in video attract more customers than those in other forms of media. The simplicity, accessibility, and clarity of videos keep the audience engaged and keep them coming back for more.

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