What are the Top 10 Most Desirable Test Automation Skills?

Today, businesses are building different software applications to meet the requirements of their customers and to streamline their operations.

This demand has made it necessary for them to ensure that they have skilled automation testers responsible for testing the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of their applications.

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Even though it is difficult to completely change things, automation testing is slowly taking charge and replacing manual testing. It is easy to use and has made it possible for businesses to achieve high levels of success with their software applications.

Through automation testing, businesses can expand and meet the requirements of more customers while at the same time-saving time, money, and other resources.

Automation testers should have several skills that aid in the testing of software applications. Some of these skills include;


Knowledgeable On Automated Testing Tools

The best automation testers are supposed to be skilled and knowledgeable on the different automated testing tools available today.

There are many automation testing tools in the market today, with one of the best ones being TestProject. These tools come with a host of features that make the entire process of testing software applications easy.

To succeed and ensure that tests run successfully, automation testers are supposed to understand how these tools work, how they should operate them, and what to do to maximize their capabilities.

They should also help businesses choose the best automation testing tool that meets their requirements. This is important in the success of the software application under test.


Test Scripts Creation

Depending on the test automation framework that a business chooses to use, their testers might be required to possess certain programming language knowledge. This is because they might have to write test scripts when testing software applications.

However, some automation testing tools, especially the code-less ones, come with scripts that are already written for the testers to use without having to make any customizations

If not using the codeless testing tools, then a tester will not be successful when testing software applications if they are not able to write test scripts without any problems.


Functional Testing

One of the most important skills for an automated tester is the ability to manually conduct functional testing without any problems. The tester should know about the entire process of manually testing an application and all the techniques that they can adopt when testing.

The testers should also understand the application and its domain very well before even testing it. For instance, if a tester is working on an e-Commerce application, they need to understand quality assurance and how important it is in e-Commerce as well as the general e-Commerce domain.

If a tester lacks functional testing skills, chances are that they will write test scripts that do not test the entire functionality of the application, meaning that the application will not meet the demands of its customers.


Programming Languages

Every successful automation tester should make sure that they understand and know how to use different programming languages. Most automated testing tools use languages such as Python, Java, and Perl among others.

An automation tester should be skilled in using these programming languages. This way, they will be able to cover and identify every other module in an application and ensure that everything is thoroughly tested.

Good programming skills are very important when it comes to the writing of test scripts. Even though some businesses are using code-less automation testing tools, it is an added advantage for testers to understand how to write lines of code in different programming languages.


Analytical Thinking

Every automated tester should possess logical and analytical thinking skills to aid in the automated testing of software applications.

After getting the requirements document from the business team, an automation tester should be able to understand the product features well for them to test the application at hand.

The testers should also identify any functionality areas that might pose a challenge when exposed to automation tests and find the right strategy to overcome the challenges.

If any issues might derail the automation testing of the software applications, then the testers should be able to raise the issues with the relevant teams and get clarifications without delays.

In conclusion, for one to be a successful automation tester, he or she needs to make sure that they possess the skills discussed above. These skills are very important in dictating the success when it comes to the automated testing of software applications.

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