What to Include in Your Cover Letter as a Remote Software Engineer

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Are you looking for a guide to creating an outstanding cover letter to land you a remote software engineer position?

Every candidate seeks to go the extra mile to stand out from the competition and make the best impression on the recruiters. An excellent way to impress them and secure an interview section is with a well-written cover letter.

About 77% of hiring managers prefer prospects that submit cover letters. While writing a cover letter for every job post is tiring, a great cover letter will increase your chance of thrilling the HR manager. With a detailed guide, you’ll streamline the writing process.

In this article, we’ll share the best practices for writing an excellent letter to secure an interview and land your dream role.


How to write a software engineer cover letter

While most job seekers dread writing cover letters while applying for jobs, smart candidates use them to sell themselves. 

Here are noteworthy points for writing great cover letters:

1. Research the company

Performing comprehensive research on the company presents job seekers with lots of benefits.

    • It helps to prove your interest in the job

Research helps you gain knowledge and understand the company, customers, and industry. Knowing the company and its operation can improve your cover letter and boost your confidence level during the interview process. Understanding the company’s existence, product features, and recent news will establish your interest in the job.

    • It helps demonstrate you’re the best fit for the position 

45% of HR state that they skip a job application when applicants fail to include a cover letter.

Understanding the company provides details on the company’s requirements, which helps in self-marketing. Taking time to understand the company’s pain points will enable you to learn the solutions you can offer the company.

Smart candidates research the company and include relevant findings to impress the hiring team. Incorporating your search results in your software developer cover letter will help you prove yourself the best candidate. Plus, it helps to personalize your letter.

    • It helps you ask the right questions

A great way to make a positive impression on the hiring team is to ask relevant questions. For instance, state the company’s overall mission and ask the company for its short and long-term goals with me. Include questions on how the roles will help the business to achieve those goals.


2. Show rather than tell

Aim to show your proficiency rather than talking about them. Showing your achievement and expertise will do a better job of convincing the hiring manager.

It’s crucial to express confidence but seek to show more than you tell. Sharing your accomplishments will show you are an excellent fit for their job.

Discuss past accomplishments and credentials that match the company’s objectives in the cover letter. Some prospects fail to include their portfolio in their letter. Include links to past projects as you write a cover letter for a software creator job role. Also, feel free to add the details of the success of those projects.


3. Ensure you personalize your software engineer cover letter

Most recruiters will effortlessly identify cover letters that have been tweaked. Including details of all, you know about the company will help you and you out from other applicants. Brilliant prospects go as far as including the history and growth process of the company in their letter.

Point out that your skills are in-demand and match the job specification. Ensure your cover letter includes how you understand the job responsibilities.

Highlighting your expertise and work ethic will help you catch the recruiter’s attention. Take time to understand the job description to avoid skipping any skill requirement in the application.


4. Keep it simple and brief 

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With the pile of cover letters recruiters deal with, they rarely have the patience to read long cover letters. Aim to learn how to keep your software engineer cover letter simple and brief.

Use simple words that express all you need to share with the hiring team. While applying for the software engineer role, it’s crucial to note that the hiring manager may have difficulty understanding complex engineering terms.

Also, a short and simple cover letter shows your communication skills. Briefly explain how you’re the best candidate for the job role. Utilize cover letter templates like DevOps engineer cover letters.


5. Proofread and edit before sending

Read out your cover letter to spot errors like spelling and other variations. Show it to a trusted friend or colleague. Spelling errors may seem harmless but affect the employer’s perception of your carefulness.

As you read the letter to yourself and spot problematic terms, it indicates that the hiring personnel will also have the same difficulty.


How to streamline your cover letter process with a DevOps engineer cover letter

DevOps engineer cover letter provides a template that simplifies the cover letter writing process. The Software Engineer cover letter template lets you orient the employers on your qualifications. It allows you to sell yourself as a professional in the software engineering industry.

A DevOps engineer cover letter ensures you get to the interview stage by including relevant credentials and skills that match any software engineer role.

With this template, you will prove your competence and knowledge in the industry with straightforward terms. It also helps you explain how you perform in an official environment. The cover letter streamlines your job search processing by optimizing your cover letter.


Cover letter tips for remote software engineer

Cover letters allow applicants to introduce themselves and share their expertise. Here are a few tips for writing a cover letter for a remote software engineer role.

  • Be specific in your salutations

Generally, people appreciate personalized greetings. It’s always better to refer to people by their names than the basic “Hello, HR.”

As you write your cover letter, aim to address the hiring manager by his name. Look through the job advert to find the name of the chief recruiter. If the name is skipped, refer to the hiring team by the company’s name.

  • Highlight your qualifications.

Ensure your cover letter shows you tick all the boxes in the job requirements. Don’t just say you qualify for the job. Show you are eligible for the role. It must explain all your software engineering experience and how valuable it is to the company. 

  • Share skills that are in line with the job ad

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Read through the job ad, mark out the skills they need, and add the skills you have to your job ad. Sharing relevant skills will increase your chance of securing an interview.

  • Share proof of successful projects and accomplishments

Cover letters present an opportunity to share your knowledge and accomplishments as a software engineer and showcase your proficiency. Include proof of past successful projects.

Feel free to share how you play significant roles in several engineering projects. It’s great to add real-life examples, including how you designed a website that opens in seconds.


What to include in a cover letter for a remote job 

Let’s see the necessary details to include in cover letters for remote jobs:

1. Background in remote working

Never hesitate to add your experience in remote working if you have any. Most HR look out for job experience, particularly for remote positions. Employers understand the challenges of allowing their staff to work from home. Hence they prefer to hire prospects with experience in working in remote work environments.

2. Soft skills suitable for remote jobs 

If you don’t have any remote work experience, include your soft skills to convince the employer that you will thrive in any remote environment. Skills like communication, the ability to work with no supervision, communication, the ability to meet deadlines, and an understanding of time zones are excellent for remote workplaces.

3. Relevant hard skills in the job description 


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Ensure you revisit the job description as you write your cover letter. Aim to state all your hard skills that align with the job requirement.

Aside from helping you show your ability to pay attention to details, it enables you to stand out from other generic cover letters. It allows you to prove you made time to write the cover letter specifically for the company.

4. The value you add to the company 

Recruiters seek candidates that will add value to their company. State all you can offer to the company and help it reach its goals. Your plan must be to add all you will contribute to the company. While you will want to focus on why you need the job, aim to focus on what you can deliver. Remember, it’s about the company and not you.

5. Research findings

At this point, you understand the need for research in writing your software engineering cover letter. If you have difficulty researching, utilize the DevOps engineering cover letter to ease the writing process. Visit the company’s website to gather all the information you need. Information on essential components like the company’s work culture will help you write a great cover letter.

6. Your passion 

Incorporating vibrant words in your cover letter will allow you to stand out from other prospects.

Most remote work positions include questions like “How are you the best fit for this position?” Such questions help you express your passion and interest in the company. You will convince the hiring team of your remote work abilities with a passionate cover letter.

7. A clear CTA 


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CTAs are crucial for cover letters as they allow prospects to show enthusiasm and commitment to securing the job role. It helps you indicate your genuine interest in the company and motivates HR to call you for an interview.

Conclude your cover letter with a call to action that expresses optimism for positive results. Ensure you stay polite and professional.


Software engineer cover letter fAQs 

  • Should I include the same cover letter for all the jobs I apply for?

As cover letters allow you to explain how you are the right candidate for an organization, they should fit their job description. Hence, you need a personalized cover letter for every job application.

The cover letter should detail your abilities and suitability for the specific responsibility. You also get to share why you are eager to join the company.

However, some details will remain consistent in every cover letter. For instance, your qualifications are constant throughout every cover letter.

Some prospects utilize cover letter templates to optimize the writing process. The DevOps engineer cover letter templates are an excellent way to streamline the cover letter process.

  • What should I write about if I don’t have any work experience?

Most candidates still need to meet the experience requirement fully.

However, instead of missing out on a job opportunity due to a lack of experience, add the relevant skills you possess. You also have the option of including appropriate personal experiences in the letter.

  • What is the ideal length for a software engineer cover letter?

Aim to stay within a four-paragraph page.

Nearly 70% of employers tilt to cover letters as short as half a page. Such letters are for a brief introduction and a summary of your qualifications in software engineering.

It’s also an avenue to impress HR and reach the interview stage. You don’t want to write a long, complex cover letter the hiring team will not read.

  • To who should I address my cover letter?

It’s better to write your letter to the hiring manager. Read through the job description or research the company to find the name. 

Addressing the HR manager by name is preferred to the generic “Dear Hiring Manager.” Salutations like “Dear John” will add personality to your cover letter.

  • Must you submit a cover letter for a software engineering role when it is optional?

With all the benefits of cover letters present, it’s great to write one for every job role. While it may end up unread in some instances, it will help you present yourself as the best fit for the job role when read.

Plus, it enables you to showcase your knowledge about the company and show your willingness to go the extra mile.


A well-written cover letter is a game-changer for job applications 

Most hiring managers look forward to cover letters while hiring. Software engineer cover letters help candidates convince employers to call for an interview even if your resume doesn’t meet all the qualifications. 

Competent software engineer job candidates always include cover letters as they apply for every job. It helps you show specific interest and excitement about the job application.

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