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Module 1Creative Thinking 
Unit 1Creative Thinking PreTest
Unit 28 Reasons Why Creativity is an Essential Skill for Everyone to Learn
Unit 36 Ways to Apply Creative Thinking in your Everyday Life
Unit 68 Things to Avoid which will Impact your Creative Thinking
Unit 7Creative Thinking PostTest
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Module 1Online Safety 
Unit 1Online Safety Pre-Test
Unit 2How to Prevent Phishing
Unit 3How to Have a Strong Password
Unit 4Importance of Privacy Settings
Unit 5Useful Software for Online Protection
Unit 6How to Detect an Untrustworthy Website
Unit 74 Tips on How to Keep Your Device Secure
Unit 84 Steps on How to Avoid and Handle Identity Theft
Unit 9Ignore or Report a Cyber Bully
Unit 10Types of Virus Threats
Unit 11Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Interact With Strangers
Unit 12Online Safety Post Test
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Module 1Negotiation Skills 
Unit 1Negotiation Skills PreTest
Unit 25 Ways Negotiation Enhances Any Discussion
Unit 35 Pillars a Negotiation can’t Work Without
Unit 45 Big NOs to Avoid During Negotiation
Unit 55 Body Language Hacks to Improve your Negotiation Skills
Unit 64 Traps to Escape During a Negotiation
Unit 74 Steps to Handle Negotiation Anxiety
Unit 8Negotiation Skills PostTest
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Module 1Project Management Essentials 
Unit 1Project Management Essentials Pretest
Unit 2Introduction to Project Management
Unit 3Initiating and Planning a Project
Unit 4Creating your Project Plan
Unit 5What should be Included in your Project Plan
Unit 6Effectively Executing a Project
Unit 7Effective Project Management Communication
Unit 8Closing a Project
Unit 9What Makes a Successful Project Manager
Unit 10Common Project Manager Pitfalls
Unit 11The Project Manager’s Checklist
Unit 12Project Management Essentials Posttest
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Module 1Presentation Skills 
Unit 1Presentation Skills PreTest
Unit 25 Reasons Why Presentation Skills are Important to Everyone
Unit 36 Key Elements You Should Consider while Preparing Your Presentation
Unit 44 Pillars of a Great Presentation
Unit 56 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills
Unit 66 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Presenting
Unit 7Presentation Skills PostTest
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Module 1Starting a Blog Online 
Unit 1Starting a Blog Online PreTest
Unit 25 Ways a Blog Can Improve Your Service
Unit 33 Ways to Create a Successful Blog
Unit 44 Tactics to Attracting Improved Readership
Unit 53 Steps to Portray Your Unique Story
Unit 63 Reasons to Maintain Blog Post Consistency
Unit 73 Choices to Make When Starting Your Blog
Unit 85 Steps to Getting Your Blog Started
Unit 912 Steps to Self-Hosting Your Blog
Unit 10Starting a Blog Online PostTest
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Module 124minSales 
Unit 124 Minute Sales Pretest
Unit 2Program Overview
Unit 3Essential Sales Skills
Unit 4Offerings Benefits
Unit 5Segment Your Clients
Unit 6Sales Funnel Stages
Unit 7Gaining Prospects
Unit 8Sales Qualifications
Unit 9Winning Proposals
Unit 10Closing your Sale
Unit 11Project Management
Unit 1224 minute Sales Posttest
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Module 124 minute Accounting 
Unit 124 Minute Accounting Pretest
Unit 224 minute Accounting Course Overview
Unit 3Accounting Department Structure
Unit 4Which Accounting System to Use?
Unit 5Accounting Concepts
Unit 6Double Entry Principle
Unit 7Accounting Cycle
Unit 8Chart of Accounts
Unit 9Recognition of Revenue
Unit 10Accounting for Inventories
Unit 11Accounting for Fixed Assets
Unit 12Income Statement
Unit 13Balance Sheet
Unit 14Auditing for your Business
Unit 1524 minute Accounting Posttest
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Module 1Podcast 
Unit 1Podcast PreTest
Unit 23 Reasons to Utilize the Powers of Podcasting
Unit 33 Different Podcasting Structures
Unit 43 Approaches that will Help you Determine your Podcast Focus
Unit 52 Interview Techniques that you can Utilize in your Podcast
Unit 63 Unique Ways to Gain Sponsorship for your Podcast
Unit 72 Benefits of Connecting your Podcast with your Other Platforms
Unit 84 Ways to Increase Podcast Popularity
Unit 95 Essential Podcasting Tools that you Should Know about
Unit 10Podcast PostTest
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Module 1Teamwork 
Unit 1Teamwork PreTest
Unit 25 Reasons Why Effective Teamwork is Important For All Organisations
Unit 35 Steps Creating an Exceptional Effective Team Work
Unit 45 Reasons Why Workforce Diversity Is Good For Business
Unit 55 Essential Stages of Team Development
Unit 66 Steps Building a Collaborative Team Environment
Unit 77 Ways to Know the Team Is Not OK
Unit 8Teamwork PostTest
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Module 1Business Etiquette 
Unit 1Business Etiquette Pretest
Unit 2Professionalism at a Meeting
Unit 3Communicating in a Meeting
Unit 4How to Record Minutes of Meeting
Unit 5Professional Phone Skills
Unit 6Professionalism at the Workplace
Unit 7How to Write an Email Professionally
Unit 8Business Etiquette Post Test
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