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Platform Features

Branded program landing page

When using the cloud-hosted platform, you will get a custom branded landing page for your programs and initiatives with a custom registration form to onboard your participants.

Custom learning material

Create the perfect journey for your participants. You can embed videos, images, text, and documents organized in modules and tracks. You can add your own materials or use the wide library available from

Custom submission questions

Collect submissions from your participants by adding custom questions organized in modules. Participants will be able to generate a pdf template of their answers after submission. This is beneficial when launching hackathons, competitions, or when personalizing the experience to participants.

Custom data collection questions

We love data! Add multiple choice questions to collect data, improve your market intelligence, understand the trends, and innovate smarter.

Custom analytics dashboard

As a program admin, you will have access to a live tracking dashboard customized for your objectives. You will be able to track your participants actions and progress, see data in graphs, and send reminder emails to your participants

Experts and coaches module

Add your coaches and mentors on the platform and allow your participants could book sessions with them. These sessions could be free, paid, or redeemed by collected points.

Offers and services module

Add more value to your program participants by listing offers, services or products from your organization or from stakeholders of the program.

Stakeholders’ engagement module

A very beneficial feature in our platform is that you could engage all the stakeholders around your program and target audience to join you and add value to your participants. You can engage government entities, universities, VCs, NGOs and others.

Judging module

Get access to a judging tool where you could assign judges, add your judging criteria and track the judges’ feedback and gradings. Judges will be able to judge the assigned participants anonymously based on the criteria created by admins. This feature is beneficial for competitions, hackathons and open innovation programs

Ability to have a multilingual platform

Our platform allows you to create your programs and initiatives in whatever language you want or in different languages.

Ability to add gamification tools

Encourage your participants to join and complete your programs with our platform’s gamification system including points, badges, certificates and others.

Ability to add additional resources

The platform allows you to add unlimited additional resources for your participants to make use of. These resources could be embedded in the platform or linked externally.

Ability to receive payments

The platform allows you to receive payments and subscriptions for your programs, initiatives, certifications, or coaching sessions. You could integrate your payment gateway or make use of’s gateway. This feature is beneficial when launching a certification program or a tutoring and coaching program.

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