3 Considerations to Think of When Developing a Mobile Strategy


The global growth of mobile devices has been phenomenal and continues to expand at an amazingly fast pace. CIO’s need to have a mobile strategy as part of the overall information and Communications Technology (ICT) strategy.

Here are three considerations to take into account as you develop your mobile strategy:

  1. Bring your own device (BYOD) has become a key expectation of employees and as such you need to be able to deploy internal services to employees taking into account that very personal devices operating systems.
  2. Mobile first strategy the process of launching your services and offerings by focusing on the mobile users first instead of a traditional PC users is a requirement in most industries and this will continue to expand to cover more users. Organization that stay abreast of the latest developments taking place in mobile technologies would be able to innovate products and services that benefit their clients.
  3. Security concerns are highlighted further as employees and climb store so much information on these very personal devices. A multi-platform security architecture needs to be deployed across internal and external services.

The proliferation of mobile devices has impact across the organization but the CIOs and IT managers need to be able to turn the complexity into an opportunity to innovate and stay steps ahead of the competition.

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