Introduction to Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is an essential element of a business marketing plan, specially with the increased demand of doing business online. However, how, what and where one should implement digital marketing within their overall plan?

In order to successfully deliver digital strategies within your plan, you should make sure that it provides your customers with valuable and engaging content. Without an effective digital marketing strategy, your business can fall short in gaining new customers, lose current ones and ultimately lose your competitive ability and share in the marketplace.

The following 5 tips are essential strategies in creating an effective digital marketing plan :

Prepare a plan

Before considering the strategies of your digital marketing plan, you need to have a clear vision of what your business wants to achieve. By setting goals, you establish the right tactics that leads your business in the right direction.

There are a number of strategies that can be incorporated; blogs, SEO tactics, social media, content marketing, webinars and more. It is not necessary to make use of all the tools available but to adopt the digital marketing tools that are right for your customers, and will result in growth and success for your business.

Get a website

The increased customer engagement with mobile technology (i.e. smart phones and tablet devices) has made the adoption of a website a must in today’s world. The website should not only be a place where customers find information about your business, but one that creates a relationship with the end-user.

Your website should provide a user and mobile friendly experience (i.e. easy to navigate) to help users complete an action online (i.e. purchasing a product or service) and engaging effectively.

Be Active On Social Media

Social media is here to stay and is constantly generating new platforms for ways to communicate and advertise. Such platforms boosts your company’s awareness, ability to reach a large audience instantaneously, drives traffic to your website, adds credibility and allows an engaging relationship with your customers that can build loyalty and a pleasant experience.

It is not necessary to use all forms of social media platforms; for example Facebook, Instagram, Google+, ITunes, YouTube, Scribd, Yahoo but the proper platforms that your taget audience are utilizing.

Do SEO and online advertising

Using proper SEO measures or online advertising is crucial to directing customers to your website. Depending on the type of business you are certain keywords are required to be built in and adopted into your website. Without this strategy it could mean lost customer traffic to your competitors who have integrated good SEO measures.

Online advertising is also another effective tool in generating leads back to you website. The key here is to be able to track and measure your results in order to attain and maximize what works and doesn’t work for your website’s growth.

Make Blogs, Webinars and Videos

Blogs provide information about new products or services, informational insight, community engagement, acts as a voice to develop better customer relationships, positions your company as an industry leader and drives traffic to your website.

Bottom line:

The use of engaging content marketing such as videos and infographics can be viewed and shared by your customers. These tools assist in increasing the likelihood of customers developing an intimate relationship with your product or service offering in turn generating profit and growth for your business.

Incorporating digital marketing as part of your business strategy allows you to gain a competitive and dynamic presence online. As digital technology is dynamic and changing, so should be your marketing strategies. Don’t overlook the opportunities that digital marketing can provide for your business or the viability of your company will eventually lose face!