Seven Benefits that should be Part of any Storage Solution that you Buy


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Storage is growing at exponential rates across organizations as most and more and more data are being produced and consumed on daily basis.

George Orwell said “all animals are equal but there are animals more equal than the others.” This is similar to the case of data, not all data are created equal.  An organization needs to have an evolving strategy to manage different data types and the growth rates at the same time.

Here are seven benefits to keep in mind while purchasing a storage solution:

  1. Any storage solution no matter how small it may be it needs to be completely scalable
  2. Storage solutions need to optimize the data storage based on different data types.
  3. Data protection and recovery should be easy to deploy and test since disasters can hit you at any point in time.
  4. Current and future performance should not be compromised at the growth of data taking place.
  5. Lower the up-front capital costs and management costs while maintaining the possibility to invest in the future as your needs grow.
  6. Know the cost per terabyte to ensure saving to the organization.
  7. Simple data migration should be possible whenever the need arises.

IT managers and administrators are continuously challenged and under pressure to grow the storage infrastructure while at the same time need to ensure that the data is safe and secure.  To do that, the storage infrastructure strategy needs to be built with the future of mind with incremental growth possibilities.

We hope the above tips will guide you through that process. As a summary when making a storage decisions please always look at these three P’s performance, price and protections.

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