5 Tips For Better Body Language

5 Tips For Better Body Language


Body Language is the non-verbal communication that we are conveying to others through the facial expressions or body positions. Since it constitutes up to 90% of the actual communicated message, we need to master it.

Here are 5 tips that will help you in improving your body language

  • Smile

    It’s the most noticeable aspect of your face gestures

  • Look straight

    Look in the eyes of your speaker – not up nor down on them

  • Stand and sit upright

    Without slouching to convey confidence

  • Extend open arms

    Instead of crossed ones to convey openness

  • Pace the person in front of you

    By being in sync with the speed and actions that they portray


The above tips can be applied by anyone at any time to help create better, more effective communications. Remember, it’s what you don’t say that counts.

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