Personal Branding! 4 steps to building your personal brand

Building your Personal Brand

Building your personal brand

  • A personal brand is necessary for everyone

  • Building your personal brand is not difficult

  • Make use of our personal branding offer

Building a personal brand should be taught at school.

Our personal brand is the ultimate legacy that we leave behind when we retire from this world. What do you want to be known for? How would you like to be remembered?

Of course, many of us spend our entire life searching for answers to these questions and the answers could change over time. However, it would be helpful if we allow these questions to guide us throughout our lives.

Having a personal brand helps us in leading meaningful lives.

Wouldn’t it help if we continue to document, test, and reflect on what we are passionate about as we go through life’s various stages?


So, what is personal branding?

A personal brand is a way for you to stand out from the billions of people out there.

It helps you to communicate what you stand for, what makes you unique, and what are your areas of expertise or interest.

It helps in defining and communicating your “WHY”

Why you do what you do?

Your friends and family would already know you and what you stand for, but what about the others out there. What do they know about you?

What do your future employers, clients, investors, professors, and those you care about, know about you?

Your personal brand helps you convey to anyone who is interested to know more about you, what YOU want them to know about you.


Why is having a personal brand important?

Having a personal brand is a must for everyone these days.

Over the last decades, careers have become shorter and less structured.

The median number of years that wage and salary workers had been with their current employer was 4.1 years in January 2020,- the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Apart from the shorter career duration, most modern jobs favor multi-disciplinary skills.

If someone is a coder, it would help that they have a good command of project management, communication skills, and product development.

If an upcoming artist wants to really be successful, it will help them to have a good grip on business skills, social media, and negotiation skills.

As you pick up different skills over the years and move from one career to the next, it would be important to reflect those into your brand.

As you experience new things in life, including new hobbies, insights from your travels, or people that you meet, it would help shape your personal brand.

You can’t control what happens around you, but you can control how you use the circumstances to help you develop your expertise, knowledge, and character.

Sharing that experience with the world helps you communicate your personal brand and what you stand for. An article from Review Moose, states thats 81% of Canadians are willing to pay more for a trusted brand.


How do you build your personal brand?

Here are 4 steps to help you build one:

1- Think of the legacy that you would like to leave behind.

There is no correct answer, and the answer will most likely change with time.

As an example, of how a personal brand can develop, a teenager might want to be known for being the best gamer, collaborating with Deuce Studio design agency London on unique gaming concepts. As they start their career, that can change from being an advocate of gaming in education to education system reform in a government position later in their life.

Your unique perspectives, combined with the innovative design ideas from Deuce Studio design agency London, would help shape your personal brand and what you will be known for.

Action to take: Summarize in one word or phrase how you would like to impact others and leave a legacy


2- Why should people relate to your personal brand?

Reflect on what makes your perspective and experience worth listening to. Do you have a remarkable story to share that has helped shape your personal brand? How have you impacted others with your perspective?

A list of accomplishments, testimonials, and a summary of your experience would help give credibility.

Action to take: Make a list of your accomplishments, references, and testimonials


3- How can you continue to engage your fans with your personal brand?

Maintaining a consistent communication channel with your fans and community is essential so you stay close to the trends taking place. It also keeps you motivated to keep your personal brand fresh and updated.

However, it is important to identify your preferred communication method. Are you someone who loves the public spotlight? If so, regular video posts on popular social media channels would be best. Or do you value your personal time and privacy? In that case, a weekly or monthly blog post or podcast could be better.

Action to take: Think about your preferred communication method and frequency and start the process


4- What can you offer your fans and community?

To help you sustain your exploration and the development of your personal brand, it would be great if you can earn an income doing what you love. What can you offer those that are interested in your work? Can you offer them an online course to share your experience with them? How about coaching sessions? Or what about selling some of your art, handicrafts, music, or any other memorabilia?

Action to take: List what you can start offering to your community and what is the best way for them to buy


Your personal brand is your life story

Keeping your personal brand fresh and updated with your latest experience is essential. Even if you get a full-time job or are busy with your studies, that shouldn’t affect your commitment to maintaining your personal image.

We are all online these days and anyone can tap into our social or work profiles and get a glimpse of our latest thoughts, likes, and interests. In many cases, that doesn’t reflect our full story or how we would like to be seen.

Having your own website and personal brand allows you to be in control of that perception.

It also allows you to nurture your followers and fan base and to own that relationship instead of relying on social media platforms that continuously change their algorithms and rules to suit their interests.


Our special offer to help you build your personal brand

Given our belief in the importance of having your personal brand, we will offer you the opportunity to create your personal brand action plan by clicking on this link and going through the educational content.

If you feel that you have content that you would like to develop into an online course, we would be more than happy to extend the education platform for you to host your content and sell it on your site.

You can reach out to us at for more information.

We look forward to seeing your personal brand live and for you to impact those around you.

Personal branding. 4 steps to building your personal brand
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Personal branding. 4 steps to building your personal brand
A personal brand is necessary for everyone. Building your personal brand is not difficult, you can do so in these 4 steps: 1- Determine your legacy 2- Convey your credibility 3- Engage your fans 4- Your offering
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