The Most In-Demand Skills For 2020

in-demand skills

Job markets all over the world are getting more and more competitive. Unlike in the past, a college degree isn’t enough to get you the job of your dreams. Good high school grades may not give you a good career. You need to have several employable skills in order to get the job you deserve in the modern dispensation. This article explores 7 most in-demand skills that will help you to meet the expectations of most corporates.


Multilingual skills

Almost every company these days is planning to expand to international markets. Businesspeople have realized how huge multilingual consumers are, and how significant their influence is for future business. If you can help them appeal to this population both at home and abroad, they will hire you at the drop of a hat. And with technology increasingly reducing the world into a big global village, multilingual in-demand skills will continue to get more and more marketable.


Critical and creative thinking

The corporate world is gradually adopting machines in workplaces, especially in customer care and shopping departments. But even as much as machines are more efficient than humans, they will never be as creative or critical with their thinking and judgment as humans. If you have the ability to analyze situations and make logical judgments without being swayed by other people’s opinions, you will be a hotcake going into the future. The skill you have is known as critical thinking. Believe me, you don’t have much competition in that regard. Creative thinking, on the other hand, is when you invent and implement new ideas seamlessly. If you can think outside the box when confronted by tough situations, you too have a bright career ahead of you.


Translation skills

We mentioned how technology is helping many businesses to venture into the international scene. Many companies now have offices in multiple countries. Others are exporting their services or products abroad, while others rely on raw materials from a faraway land. These companies need translation or interpretation services to do business. Without a doubt, therefore, translation is a skill that will be highly sought after in 2020 and beyond.

Note that being proficient in multiple languages is just a part of the needed translation in-demand skills. You will need to work on your grammar and spelling skills in order to make your language proficiency relevant to the world of translation services. It will help if you can acquire some linguistic education in order to convert your multilingualism to money.



One key problem that technology has precipitated in business is cybercrime. Data thieves are stealing personal and corporate data from unprepared individuals and companies all the time. Companies are increasingly realizing how valuable their data is and they aren’t willing to leave anything to chance. If you are skilled in cybersecurity, there are tons of organizations out there that are looking for someone of your talents. Note that cybercrime is getting more sophisticated by the day, so you need to keep pace with the changing tides in the industry. Cyber-certified professionals are among the best-compensated professionals in the Computer Science field almost everywhere around the world, so you can guess how the demand for these in-demand skills is. Considering this growing need, you might want to explore online cyber security degree programs to further enhance your expertise and career prospects.


Life coaching

People all over the world are struggling with different career-threatening and life-threatening problems. Many people are depressed due to the inflating cost of living all over the world. These people need a life coach with active listening is a skill to hear them out. They need a professional who will help them find their way back to happiness; someone who will communicate with them effectively and expressly. If you can do that, 2020 is for you.


Analytics and data management

The corporate world is now more data-driven than it has ever been. Business executives are now relying on patterns and trends to make corporate decisions. The culture of information is being deployed across industries today, and this trend will continue going to 2020 and beyond. If you can analyze and manage data, companies need your help in order to make informed evaluations.


Negotiation skills

People are social beings. We feel better when we are served by shopping attendants with great interpersonal skills. If you can comfortably negotiate with clients, bosses, and colleagues, you will be a very valuable asset in the future. As we mentioned earlier, there are human traits that robots will never master. Negotiation skills are among them.



The workforce world is rapidly evolving and so should you. If you hold on the hope of finding a job with only your high school diploma, perhaps this is the time to re-evaluate your position on that. You must strive to keep pace with the changing world by mastering the above in-demand skills.

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